Review: Souljacker

Souljacker Souljacker by Yasmine Galenorn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exciting new series from Ms. Galenorn, Lily O'Connell hooks a reader in and bewitches them. Lily is a demon, specifically as succubus. She sells her body to men willing to pay for her skills. This is the only way she can keep herself fed, especially as her clientele are filled with paranormal men. This is, until a well known client is murdered and causes a lot of trouble for her.

I liked Lily. She is a down on her luck just trying to make it in the world, in spite of her draw backs. She tries to do the right thing and yet she is constantly kicked in the teeth for it. It burns me how poorly people treat a woman who sells her body. If Lily knew she could do something different, she would. She isn't hurting anyone and she certainly isn't going out seducing men which technically she could as a succubus. I'm angry at women who blame the "other woman" when it is really their husbands they need to take to task. Picking on Lily because they have wandering husbands? I am disgusted with these petty women who can not satisfy their own husbands so that the men have to go else where to find what they need. I hope these women choke on their jealousy. Still, this does not feed Lily and she is in dire need of food. When a vampire helps her and she learns that the death of her client deals with her past, things get pretty complicated.

This story is awesome for me because there are several subplots going on at the same time. This keeps my attention riveted because I enjoy multi-threaded stories. The world building in here is nifty and I like how Lily's past and ties to the Fae court are revealed. This supernatural world is pretty standard with the usual vampire, fae and shifter stories. It is easy to understand and pick up who is who and why there are enemies and allies. Lily needs as many allies because one cheated on wife is irrationally ganging up on Lily. I can only hope Lily's new found occupation will turn her into a BAMF soon. Lily is going to need to learn how to kick butt quickly.

This first book in the series is action packed and starring a character I like. I am eager to read more in this series and can not wait to see how Lily develops under the Queen's protection. This new urban fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy a tarnished heroine who wants to be left alone.

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