Review: Sworn to Protect

Sworn to Protect Sworn to Protect by Diana Gardin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Gardin starts off a new series with a blast. Hooked on romantic suspense tales, I picked this story up with no expectations. To my pleasant surprise, I enjoyed it. Ms. Gardin is an author I am going to watch and read more.

The story starts off with Rayne Alexander coming back into her hometown. She's had a hard life and she may be estranged from her parents, but she still keeps in contact with her sister. Thankfully for her, she's able to stay at her sister's home whilst hiding from her crazy former boss. Coming back to her hometown, she also is lucky to find a job so quickly at the reference of her sister. Working as the receptionist for a security firm is a godsend. Because maybe, she'll be able to protect both herself and her son. When Jeremy, her high school sweetheart walks through the doors as an employee, she starts to suspect her sister may have set her up.

This story has all the hallmarks of youthful naivety and innocence destroyed. The reason for Rayne and Jeremy's break up can be seen from a mile away. Whilst this isn't a surprise, the twists and turns with Jeremy's family and why Rayne has to run away is messed up. This was a nice plot twist and added a more complex element to the story. There is a little bit in this story that didn't work for me but that is because of my bias. There is an element of BDSM hostility in where Rayne's ex boss is some kind of kinky bastard who is into sexual slavery. This part seemed a bit unnecessary to me but that's just my pet peeve.

What made the story good is the interaction between Rayne and Jeremy. It is clear they have unresolved feelings for each other. Just as it is clear that they needed to talk things out and figure out where they stand. Instead of their gut impulsive reactions, had they taken the time to talk it out, a lot of heartache would have been stopped. But then, where would the story be? This conflict is plausible and unfortunately all too common in real life. It is sad both characters lost so many years when they could have been together. But would they have been the type of person they are today? Ms. Gardin sets them up for hard lessons and growth which makes both characters strong and more likeable. The happily ever after was long overdue for the couple. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who like the lovers reunited theme.

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