Review: Turn Me Loose

Turn Me Loose Turn Me Loose by Anne Calhoun
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This is a series not to be missed. In the latest book, Ms. Calhoun gives Ian Hawthorn his book. The quiet and diligent cop mentioned in a few of the previous books is hot on the tail of a drug lord. Trying to figure out how all the drugs are coming into his city, his path once again crosses Riva Henneman's. The last time Riva and Ian were together, it was not good. They never dated because Ian used Riva as his CI to get what he wanted to close a case. Riva was ruthlessly placed over a barrel. To say their parting was poor is an understatement.

There is more than meets the eye in this book. Ms. Calhoun does an excellent job of showing how everyone has a story with a possible painful past. The ties of blood sometimes lead people down the wrong path. Sometimes it takes people to a place they do not want to go. The sheer cruelty and negligence bestowed upon family members in this book is jaw dropping. What is worse is that it is all very plausible in real life. What Ms. Calhoun demonstrations blow by painful blow shows up in newspapers, usually with an end result of death. It is sad to see brothers taking advantage of each other just as it is sad to see the toll of domestic violence. Ms. Calhoun does a lovely job of showing how it could happen and how people are trapped. With a bit of support and a helping hand, maybe people can make a difference. Riva is the one who wants to make that difference and break the cycle.

Ian's history is no walk in the park either. The disappointments he's experienced could have crushed him and turned him into a drug or alcohol abuser. It's nice to see how someone can still move on, even after their dreams have been destroyed. Pairing Riva and Ian up, two people whose experienced disappointment works out quite well. This kind of enemy turned to lover theme works because of their chemistry. That slightly forbidden fruit the two of them danced about the first time they met carries on into the second time they meet. Sometimes, it just takes a bit longer for the right person to be at the right time.

This story moves at a good pace. Sometimes it slows just a little bit and drags. Specifically when Riva is with her father, it seems to drag out the final reveal. This does give the story the suspense and build up to the final showdown. Overall, this is an enjoyable story and a lovely addition to the series. Recommended to romantic suspense readers.

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