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@ilona_andrews  rich and enchanting world #mustread #autobuy #bestbook2017 Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
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Buy this book now. This is a must read conclusion to this trilogy. Yes, this is the end of this series as far as the authors have noted even as it ends with a possible opening for more. I LOVED this book so much that after receiving it for review, I re-read this book at least twenty times within the first two weeks. This book is really that amazing.

In this third book, Nevada must form a house to save herself and her sisters from her evil grandmother. Nevada becomes what she has always disliked - a Prime of a House. Her growth and maturity to become ruthless whilst balancing her morals is a fascinating journey. Every step of the way, Rogan is with her, supporting her. At times it feels like he is overprotective, but he isn't. He allows Nevada to make her decisions and then does whatever he can to help. This support extends to her immediately family. Rogan loves her and shows through every action.

There is so much going on in this book that it needs several reads to savour and enjoy it. Whilst Nevada is doing her best to protect her family, she is also in the middle of solving a case for Rogan's ex-fiance. Talk about awkward. Ilona Andrews sets up some pretty complicated conflicts which pull all sorts of emotion out of Nevada. It is fun to see Nevada struggle with her jealousy. It is doubly fun to watch Rogan try to contain his jealous streak and what he wants to do to men hitting on Nevada. Every serious situation is wonderfully counterbalanced with humour. Once again Ilona Andrews showcases their superb sense of comedic timing. Every character in this story gets to do their little bit of humour, even if it is dark, like Nevada's psychotic paternal grandmother, Victoria.

Whilst all this is going on, there is still the over reaching arc with the secret group trying to undermine the houses. This book is so sneaky because it gives us the name of the person who is the Cesare with just one line. I loved it. I did reference the line to the authors when I was lucky enough to meet them in person at a book signing. I do not believe they caught my reference. *Evil grin* The whole bringing down the Houses is complicated for me because I understand the intent behind it and I can not say it isn't wrong. The problem is most of the people in this cause are villains with very little redeeming qualities. Yet the head of this entire conspiracy is in many ways admirable. I love how Ilona Andrews creates this dichotomy where there are no easy answers. There are no easy choices and the characters need to think about which consequences to their actions they can accept when they make a decision. These quandaries make me think and ponder upon what-if scenarios.

Honestly, the complex plot, characters and world blow my mind in this third book. Whilst I understand why this is the last one (unless Avon does something different), I really hope more books are written in this series. There is so much potential for many more books in this series. The characters whilst all fleshed out quite well still have so much more to go. This ability to grow and a serial progression story style is appealing to me. Ilona Andrews creates a fantastic world with their magical writing abilities. I love losing myself in their world, especially when I have had a hard day at work. This is the gift the authors provide to readers - a way to escape into a rich and enchanting world for a few hours. This paranormal romance is highly recommended to everyone.

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