Review: Church

Church Church by Michelle Hughes
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Some people are just a-holes from birth. Sebastian Church is one who was nurtured into being a ruthless son of a bitch. His past colours his view of people. Any type of leniency with the belief that people are inherently good is not within his mindset. He believes the worst in people and unfortunately he is proven more right than wrong. This is, until he meets Ashley.

Ashley is a naive young thing who wants to make it big in New York. She graduated from a no-name school but thinks she can find a job running with the big boys. In my jaded age, I scoff at Ashley's optimism and laugh at her naivety. She does find a job with Sebastian through her "bestie". I can't remember bestie's name, but suffice to say, he should be called cowering asshat. He is caught embezzling from Church and to save himself, he sells Ashley to Church as a sex slave. What a great friend.

So there are two thoughts of this plot. For some, this may be BDSM hostile because it puts BDSM in a bad light. Where the dominant is some asshat that forces a virgin into the lifestyle through blackmail. Yes she consents, but is it really consent given the circumstances? Whilst Sebastian does take advantage of Ashley in several deviant ways, he still doesn't cross a line. So for the other thought, this is a BDSM fantasy and more dark erotica than contemporary romance. The blurb of this story is clear, this isn't a sweet Gateway to BDSM book. This isn't all roses and moans. Sebastian is an antihero and he is really good at it. I liked him. Personally, I thought he didn't go far enough with Ashley and he could have done a little bit more non-con.

Ashley did have a little spunk. No, not that kind on her face, but in attitude. She may be a young sheltered girl who went in with rosy coloured glasses. But she quickly woke up to reality and decided she was no pushover. She wasn't going to be a victim and she would turn the tables on her "bestie". What I liked about Ashley is she listened to both sides of the story before she jumped to any conclusions. Whilst she may have a forgiving heart, she is not forgetful. In the end, she is the one who pulls it all together and makes this story a moving one. This dark erotic is recommended to readers who like anti-heroes who despoil willing virgins.

*I received an advanced copy  


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