Review: Krampus Does Dallas

Krampus Does Dallas Krampus Does Dallas by Crymsyn Hart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Krampus is a character I like. This story is a sort of continuation of Claiming Cupid. I like this world and I wish Ms. Hart would create a series revolving around this world. Specifically, all the "dark and evil" characters need to come out to play. I wouldn't mind Santa Claus getting pegged by a Ms. Claus and to find that he's a submissive in cbt. I digress.

Krampus gets the short end of the stick because he is the "mean" one. He is a bit cruel and it's odd because he is nonchalant about it. He definitely rules by fear. His army never knows when he will get pissed and eat them. This army is of gingermen who happen to eat humans. Krampus is a boss who kills the messenger and inspires fear in pretty much all. He's also bisexual with a leaning towards males.

The plot to this story is very simple. Essentially, Krampus is down in the dumps because he hasn't been laid for a while and he misses Cupid. Krampus finds another male to do the nasty. And for those who do not like partly shifted sex, avoid this book. For those who like partly shifted sex, bestiality or shifted sex, read on! This story is fast, furious and a bit sweet. Krampus is not all bad, he is just very selective when he is good. This is really because after so many years, he has lost his humanity. I feel a bit badly for his loneliness. Perhaps in another story, he'll find his match. A reader can only look forward to what deviant tales come out of the mind of Ms. Hart. Recommended to kinky readers who like fairy tales retold in a dark style. There are no happily ever afters here.

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