Review: New Moon Howl

New Moon Howl New Moon Howl by Zenina Masters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blacking out and waking up with blood on your hands is disturbing. Between the lost of memory, beating from her step parents and teenage hormones, Kenzi is ripe for being a run away. Unfortunately for her, each time she runs away, the same man finds her and returns her to her step parents. Because, a child with parents is better than an orphan, right? No, in this case, Kenzi is better off not having parents at all. They are heinous bastards who should be tortured and shot. When the truth is revealed about Kenzi's condition and why she's been physically abused, I cried for her. Talk about innocence violated and ripped away.

This story is a bit more pain ridden than previous stories in this series. And perhaps that is why I liked it better. Kenzi could have rolled over and become a victim, shying away from the world. Instead, she's a survivor with an awesome job. Her new found power gives her the opportunity to be a wolf shaman which she grasps with both paws. This story is nicely written with a short back history and then leaping a decade later. This makes for a good read with a touching foundation to contrast with today's stronger and confident Kenzi. With Kenzi off to Crossroads on an errand for a friend, the last thing she expects is to find herself mated. She was hoping just for a grand tour, some downtime and maybe a run through the fabled woods.

By this point, there should be a warning "DANGER, abandon single life and welcome married life if you cross this threshold". Roman had mostly given up finding his mate and when a beautiful woman catches his attention, it doesn't surprise him that it is the wayward young girl he saved a couple of times. What surprises him is the aggressiveness in her wolf. But he likes it.

Roman and Kenzi's pairing is sweet because it follows the theme of the right time and the right place. Sometimes, the right couple at the wrong time and place never meet up again. In this case, the second chance happens. With the two of them more balanced in power, it is a reunion of equals. Love it. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like female survivors who find a male who can keep up.

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