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Similar to Rain Similar to Rain by Tymber Dalton
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The Romance Review

SIMILAR TO RAIN brings in another all star, this time an athlete. I like how this series shows different types of people in the lifestyle. Most of the people are your regular folks. Once in a while, Ms. Dalton throws in a rich and famous type of character. She makes them relatable too. They are not too different than everyone else and they have a mutual love of kink. Our latest star is Lee. Lee's sports injury that cuts his football career short. This starts a downward spiral as friends and his wife leave him like rats off a sinking ship. I felt badly for Lee.

I liked Lee because he is a straightforward guy who is down to earth. He avoids drama and he tries to keep a low profile. What made me sad was how alone he was when he was injured. No one helped him and he was by himself in a hotel. It is clear he hits a new low in his life. Even though he is surrounded by fans and his social media contains many followers, he is all by himself. This kind of isolation is frightening to see because it is all too easy for me to imagine it happening to me. Fortunately for him, he makes a tentative reach out to his old high school friend, Arlin. Arlin immediately grabs a hold of Lee and becomes his safe haven.

Arlin is the kind of best friend people dream of. He is helpful, giving, generous and so loving. As an added bonus, he is sexy hawt and a dominant. When these two reconnect over Facebook, their friendship re-ignites their unrequited secret crush for each other. The chemistry between these two friends is strong. Their old friendship quickly goes into full blown kinky love affair. One would think this would be a nice and sweet happily ever after. No, Ms. Dalton is a sadist who decides to torture these two lovebirds with all too realistic life decisions. Lee needs to make a choice between his budding second career post football injury or staying with Arlin. Arlin is braced for the worst because Lee did not choose him the last time.

The torturous long distance relationship is exposed so thoroughly in this story. For those who have to travel constantly for work, this part of the story hits home. When the relationship is new and on shaky grounds, it makes it even harder to be physically apart. It takes a very strong bond for two people to be far apart and in a D/s relationship. This conflict for Lee and Arlin is painful to watch. Fortunately for the readers, this story ends in a happily ever after. This kinky romance is recommended for m/m readers who love second chance themes.

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