Review: Stone Cold Fox

Stone Cold Fox Stone Cold Fox by Evangeline Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When a person is abused, sometimes they turn inwards and shy away from the world. Not everyone is a survivor able to take the world back on. Jo Ferrell is a woman who was accosted as a young girl. She never got over it and used various ways to make herself forget. She finally finds a place to stay that helps her heal to some degree, she lives with witches in a coven. Happy for years, she felt she finally is in a safe place, only to be kicked out for practicing black magic. The kicker? She didn't have anything to do with black magic. She has no idea why she is suddenly looking so young.

Is this the end of the series? Because if so, I feel like Ms. Anderson has left me hanging in a world that could spin off more stories. In this third one, which can be read as a standalone, Jo is another woman clueless about being a juvie. She is caught up in a nefarious plot to bring more potential female mates into the world of the shifters. Lucky for Jo, her knowledge of magic plus her innate power has saved her several times. But when it comes time to find an alpha male, Jo is stubbornly refusing, due to her unresolved trauma from her past.

Jo is a character I am not sure I like. This is because I can not relate to her. Her victim mentality doesn't work for me. Yes, I get that she was sexually abused when she was young. Some of us who have similar experiences, have moved on and not let that one moment in time define who we are for the rest of our lives. Jo let it define her entire life for decades. It isn't that I look down upon her. It is more that I can't understand letting someone else screw up my life and letting the "bad guy" win. Perhaps I am too much of a stick it to them type of person. I understand there are people like Jo in the world. I'm just not too enamoured of them. Regardless, Reese is very much attracted to Jo. He is a guy who has the utmost patience. He gently woos Jo. He doesn't press her. He is in a word - unrealistic. Seriously, is there any guy in the real world like Reese who would take on so much of Jo's baggage? A hot guy who has it together? Probably not. But this is what makes the story a fairy tale. A desperate modest unknowing powerful female needs a white knight to save her from… well, everything. If I come across a bit sarcastic, it is probably because this type of trope doesn't work for me.

Regardless of my lack of love for Jo and disbelief in Reese, I did enjoy the story. The plot moved along a thread that showed up in the second book. It also revealed a bit more into the history of one of the secondary characters I really liked. My favourite part is Reese's shifter fox. I loved his little baby like fox and also his ferocious one. Jo's issue with all of Reese was another negative about her for me. Still, this is a lovely shifter world with potential to grow into more. The story is well written and transports a reader into a lovely fantasy. Recommended for paranormal readers who enjoy white knights saving their damsel in distress.

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