Review: All In For Love

All In For Love All In For Love by Kat Henry Doran
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Paranormal lovers come sample six sexy short stories. The theme for this collection is a place called La Bonne Chance. From the creative minds of six different authors, be prepared to be transported into smexy worlds. Full disclosure, I picked this book up only for Ms. Buchbinder. The five other authors were bonuses.

First up, An Inn Decent Proposal by Sharon Buchbinder features two people trying to make their dream come true. Genie King reunites with a high school crush when she bids for an old inn she's wanted. She is a chef who has just enough money to purchase an inn she's loved. When one of the other bidders is her old crush, Jim Rawlings, things take an odd turn as they join forces to out bid a third person. This is a sweet romance with a bit of suspense. The theme of reviving something old into new is perfect to start out this lovefest. Nicely written with a smooth writing voice, Ms. Buchbinder sets the tone for this collection.

In Perfect Odds by Lashanta Charles, Callista rebounds quickly with handsome Jayce Gilmore. This story was just bizarre to me. Not that it was poorly written. More like, what kind of jerk jilts their bride in the way that Cameron does to Callista? Then he comes back to her with remorse? The sad part, there are women who have suffered like Callista. Luckily for Callista, her knight in shining armour saves her from a life of endless disappointments. The instalove in this story works because it provides a happily ever after Callista earned. It is a whirlwind romance.

In A Ghost To Die For by Keta Diablo, the stories just get weirder. Perhaps it is because I'm not a huge fan of ghost stories. New to me author Ms. Diablo sets up an awkward scenario with a non believer medium, Rooney to meet a ghost in need of help. Stuart Granger was murdered and he needs Rooney to help him save his brother. Rooney being a skeptic about ghosts works for the plot because Stuart's brother thinks she's crazy too. Stephan is broken up about his brother's death and the last thing he needs is some crazy psychic giving him "messages from beyond". When things start to go hay wire and both are on the run, he starts think she may know something more about his brother's death. The action in this story is done with a light sense of humour. The romance is budding and sweet.

In Raising Kane by Kat Henry Doran, I'm hopping mad. Mallory Kane is an example of what corrupt men can do to honest hard working women. This story is quite different than the previous four. This one I think could have been a bit longer. I was pulled in because I was vested in Mallory's life. She's been destroyed by an asshole. When another man in power, Kieran Pollack crosses paths with her, she is naturally defensive and unwilling to believe his intentions. This story felt more like a documentary of what happens to women who "don't know their place" in a man's world. Whilst there is romance in this story, I'm still overwhelmingly focused on how Mallory received the shaft.

For Money Or Love by Margo Hoornstra is a romance too similar to real life. Lindsey Carr works closely with sexy and intelligent Daniel Montgomery. No slouch in the brainiac department herself, she's decided it's time to move on and find a life. Over work and no husband is too depressing for her. Knowing she's leaving Daniel, the man she crushes on yet he's oblivious to her romantic interest, she tenders her resignation with a heavy heart. This is when the chase begins. Sometimes, it takes losing something taken for granted, before a man will finally nut up and make a move. This story is amusing in the ways Daniel tries to convince Lindsey it is not too late for them.

Last by not least, Take A Chance On Me by M.J. Schiller features a cop and his asset. Cash Delmonaco is staking out La Bonne Chance casino when it turns sideways in more ways than one. Trying to catch a criminal when distracted by a sexy young card dealer is not easy. Harper is doing her best to keep off the radar. When she pings on all the wrong radars, she tries to run. Caught between law and crime, which one will catch her first? This last one is more a suspense crime story with a little bit of love interest. The writing was well done, it just didn't capture my attention. It does round out a sexy collection of romances. This anthology is recommended to readers who enjoy sweet romances with happily ever afters.
* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.


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