Review: Urban Enemies

Urban Enemies Urban Enemies by Joseph Nassise
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Generally, I steer clear of anthologies like this one. Specifically because the stories end abruptly and I want more. I am left hanging, what I call, premature book ending. I am not a fan of anything premature. Still, I pushed forward and picked this book up because of the following authors: Kelley Armstrong, Lilith Saintcrow, Faith Hunter and Carrie Vaughn. Call me a sexist, I don't care. It is rare I read male authors anymore because their character development interests me not (unless it is Neil Gaiman. I'll read anything he writes or draws.) I digress.

I was pleasantly surprised by this entire collection. The stories for the most part all finished nicely with a satisfactory ending. What I enjoyed most about this collection is that it featured all the bad guys. And they weren't really bad when you looked at it from their perspective. What surprised me was my enjoyment of Jim Butcher's story. It almost makes me want to read his series. Each of the stories gives a nice taste of the author's writing style. Reading Kelley Armstrong only tided me over a little bit before her next book release. Always a fan of Ms. Saintcrow who only really creates villains, the short story was too short for me. Ms. Hunter's was delicious as usual. And Ms. Vauhgn's was nicely done. I hesitate to reveal too much for each of the stories because it would be a spoiler since these are so bloody short. This book is recommended to urban fantasy readers who are aching for the next installment of their favourite authors featured in here. This will take the edge off the hunger.

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