Review: Dark Queen

Dark Queen by Faith Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eagerly anticipated book in this series, I am blown away. B.L.O.W.N A.W.A.Y. For those who have not read the first eleven books in this series, it is a must read prior to this one. In Dark Queen, the intimidating European Vampires finally show up. The build up has been coming along with scary powerful Vampires ready to take Leo and his coven down. The preparation has made it stressful for Jane and her team who have to protect Leo.

I thought this installment would be all doom and gloom. It would be fight after fight to see the winner take all. To my surprise, Jane's quirky rebel attitude influences Leo and how he handles the Europeans. The flippant way Leo treats the Europeans had me in stitches. Make no mistakes, the actual showdown is not an easy win for team Leo. There are unpleasant outcomes and losses for both sides.

What also took me off guard is finding out about Jane's family. We learn more about her past and it brings up old wounds that never healed. I feel sorry for Jane just as I feel anger towards the ones who bring up the old memories. It is interesting to see the story of her young life from a different perspective. It's also interesting to see how centuries have not change the competitiveness between family members.

The climax of this story is shocking and I am devastated. Ms. Hunter does the unthinkable and I am hoping that in the next book, there will be a revival. Because if not, my heart is broken by the ending of this story and I think Jane will never recover from it either. This story kept my attention from beginning to end. A page turner filled with action and and plot twists. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to all readers.

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