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Ocean Light by Nalini Singh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And... she's back! Ms. Singh brings to us a fantastic second book in the spin-off series, Psy-Changeling Trinity. This is a book I devoured from the first to the last page. From the start to end, I'm riveted and read this book until the wee hours in the night. I loved this one so much because we are focusing on the water shifters and I love everything to do with water. Plus we get to learn more about Bowen Knight, the powerhouse from the human alliance.

To prevent psy from reading their minds, Bowen and his top lieutenants implanted a chip they thought was safe. Unfortunately, it was coming apart and Bowen's chip was the first to go. In the last book, it looked as if Bowen's end had come. This one is all about his Lazarus rising miracle. This could only happen due to the help of the BlackSea Changeling and their scientists.

So it comes as a surprise that the main female is not really a scientist. Kaia Luna is a bit of a mystery. She is well loved in her under water station. She used to be a scientist but gave it all up due to a traumatic event. She now finds her balance as the chef for the deep water science center fathoms below the water surface. She brings a smile to all the inhabitant in this magical underwater world.

From a world building and characters creation perspective, this book calls to me more than the other changeling ones. The siren song of the underwater creatures speaks to my soul. Ms. Singh does a phenomenal job of incorporating the playfulness of dolphins as well as the majestic whale into these shifter characters. What surprised me the most is bringing in the cephalopods. One particular secondary character is a flirty female who is not shy about the benefits of tentacle sex. You read that right. I just about fell out of bed and woke my spouse up stifling a snort when I came across this titillating scene. For those who loved reading about the wolf and leopard changeling focused stories, this one will suck you under. There are several subplots to this story and it seems the BlackSea shifters tend to be more reserved and separated from the rest of the world. And this is what makes the story feel real.

In our current lives, there is an increasing divisiveness in many different nations all around the world. No one can exactly trace who is starting it or stirring the pot. Many people throw accusations without substance. Ms. Singh does a poignant variation of this in this story. Because even though the BlackSea shifters are part of the changeling world, they are even one more step removed because they are water breathers. Unlike all other humans and shifters, they are a minority who are quiet and solitary. This makes them easier to be misunderstood and in some senses, left out of major decisions. This needs to change if the BlackSea changelings are to survive. Because a group has already been picking them off and it is all pointing to the Human Alliance as the culprit. Perhaps saving Bowen is not the prime directive for this exotic water changeling.

The tangled relationships between humans and the changelings is at times painful to witness. Misunderstandings, perceived slights and outright abuse have caused an air of distrust. This leads to friends and families questioning each other and at times, wondering who is telling the truth. And is truth not in the eyes of the beholder? When facts are given, this is when the picture becomes clear. It is not a pretty picture. The reader learns more about this group trying to destroy the Trinity Accord. We still do not receive enough information to figure out who the villain is behind all of this, but it is clear, most are only a puppet being pulled on strings they did not even know they were bound by. It is sad.

Through all of this, Bowen and Kaia learn more about each other. Their exchanging of how they see things and how they grew up gives them a baseline in understanding each other. Some of the changelings who are not around humans as much are starting to open up as they interact with Bowen. Their fear starts to recede which is a problem for the hidden group out to destroy all alliances.

I liked how Kaia's relationship with Bowen goes slowly and with some set backs. Instead of an instant love, their fondness for each other grows into a mutual admiration. This slow and steady courtship is sweet. The conflicts arising to tear them apart are realistic and difficult to watch at times. I loved the emotions pulled from me in this story. Sometimes I'm gleefully chortling with the mischievous BlackSea children. Other times, I'm heartbroken as past abuses are revealed in how they shaped a person. And lastly, I'm angered at how good people are broken by people who lied to them. This is a rich tale which casts a spell upon its readers. Ms. Singh's writing is like an ocean. At times it seems to be smooth and calm. Then there are whirlpools, undertows and intense emotions that makes a reader feel as if they are drowning in heartbreak. I love it. Highly recommended to paranormal readers who enjoy love under fire themes and water shifters.

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