Review: Serpentine

Serpentine Serpentine by Laurell K. Hamilton
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Anita Blake returns front and center of everyone's attention, even if it isn't her wedding. It is Edward's, aka Ted's wedding. All is not right with the couple as strange things happen with conflicts that cause everyone, including the groom to question if this wedding should go through.

I'm mixed on this story. Anita is the center again as the women in Donna's party are torn up...over Anita's fake sexual relationship with Edward. Not sure why this is coming up but apparently one of Donna's bridemaid just loses it. She is dead set against ruining the wedding and splitting Donna and Ted apart. It's befuddling for all, especially for Anita as she isn't sure why she is being pulled into it. This does all tie into a case that Micah is trying to help fix through his coalition. For this tie in, I liked and see how Ms. Hamilton is fleshing out her stories again.

This book is a step towards the Ms. Hamilton I enjoyed reading and then the wedding drama drags it into a train wreck. The focus is on a case fizzles out and Anita's love life becomes open for every Tom, Dick and Harry to question. Surprisingly, this lengthy story only covered a few of days. Ms. Hamilton is still writing 24 Hours TV series style. Every scene is written out and it feels as if we are witnessing this story in real time. The nice thing about this style is getting to see every little detail that is going on. The down side of this writing style is feeling as if nothing as been accomplished and the series is going nowhere fast.

The drama in this story is confusing for me. I guess it is because I'm more like Anita. The women do not make any logical sense to me and I just want to slap them out of their hysteria. Donna's insecurities are annoying and off putting. I never understood why Edward would want her. And this story finally reveals why he wants her. Basically he wants a family and she comes with the kids. Donna's kids are fabulous. They are amazing ones who are much more mature compared to their mom. I guess Edward just needs to put up with Donna's psychotic behaviour just so he can be a dad to two great kids. I'd rather just take the kids and run. Donna is totally not worth it.

For an urban fantasy about a female character who is supposed to be straightforward and drama free, it is odd to see how the past 10+ books revolve around feelings. Revolve around emotional issues that require a shrink and trying not to "hurt" someone's feelings". I was hoping this latest story would focus back on her work life and move the supernatural plot forward. I can say this book did have a bit more of the supernatural plot than the last few. There is also a bit of a disturbing factor with Olaf and the way he relates to Anita. Speaking of Olaf showing up to the wedding on an invite neither groom nor Anita approved... It never surprises me how badly Donna messes up and represents the stereotypical nagging clueless housewife that drive husbands into another woman's arms. With all that happens in this book, I'm not sure what will happen in the next. It is anyone's guess if Edward does get married and if Anita will be able to have a stable love life.

This erotic romance is recommended to die hard fans who want to see Edward back in the series.

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