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Review: Fever

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Fever by Donna Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When a respected anthropologist takes a sharp left turn to become a cryptozoologist, something fishy is going on. Bernadette Davies spent her life's work focusing on ancient times. Her research is sound. So when she switches to preach about "dragons are among us", she loses quite a bit of credibility. She even gives up a lush lifestyle to fund her fanatism. Most of these folklore hunters are disregarded as quacks. Bernadette is a bit different because she possesses solid research skills and is able to piece together a daunting picture. Luckily for her, Kelton is the Dragon King sent to see if she is a danger or not. Unfortunately for Kelton, Bernadette is a danger.

This tale pulls me in by showing how even smart people can be conned and pulled into something against their will. Bernadette's dive into the mythical world is more of a push and shove in by an unsavoury queen with her own agenda. As often it happens, cult followers like Bernadette tend to be just collateral damage. Ms. Grant explores how a person can be so tangled up and the difficulties of extracting themselves from the craziness. Bernadette's case is a bit more extreme with curses, magic and dragons.

As with the other books in this series, the focus is a Dragon King finding their mate who happens not to be a dragon. Kelton struggles with the acceptance of a human mate. We are able to see from Kelton's eyes how horrid humans have been to the dragons of this world. Seeing his perspective, I am not sure why the dragons have anything to do with humans. Nor do I ken their steadfast desire to protect humans. Humans broke faith and trust. Why would the Dragon Kings continue to honour a treaty which has been violated, stomped on and shredded at every turn? It makes no sense to me and nothing Ms. Grant has presented to date convinces me why the humans should remain in this realm.

Despite all of this, Kelton falls for Bernadette. Their romance is fast building with sweetness. The dynamic between them is smooth and it is clear they are a good match. Bernadette's understanding and empathy is what moves Kelton most. Bernadette may have been hoodwinked by the dark side, but she quickly rallies and chooses the light side. She does this even if she knows that it will cost her and she must sacrifice her mind to keep the Dragons safe. I admire her idealist morals. I also admire how she accepts the consequences of her actions, regardless of her being led astray by another. She is not a too stupid to live female. She is one who is logical and ethical. This appeals to Kelton because these are two traits he works hard to possess through the centuries.

Whilst this romance is going on, two other subplots continue to move forward. The bloody thirsty light fae queen is still working on her goal to enslave all, especially the male she wants. A little bit more is revealed about a covert group of cross species determined to destroy the Dragon Kings. There is still no exact motive and whilst I liked learning a bit more, I'm frustrated at how slow the plot is moving. It does still keep me hooked and I want to read the next book to see what else will happen. What more will be revealed of the conspiracy?

This paranormal romance is a great addition to this dragon series. The is book recommended to fantasy romance reader who love dragons and damsels who can save themselves.

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