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Iron Dominance
Iron Dominance by Cari Silverwood

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The Romance Review

I can't imagine how it would be to be treated as an object. Slavery is one thing, but to be treated as an object with no rights due to cloning, this is a horror I can't begin to want to experience.

Claire is a patchwork clone known as a Frankenstruct. She and her other Frankenstruct team look human and have feelings, yet are treated worse than animals. This is because they are designed as perfect weapons, created as super soldiers.

The premise of this story is a fresh view at cloning and what it could mean as far as human ethics is concerned. This could be rather dull and more a social political commentary. Fortunately, this story is much more – intrigue, steampunk, D/s, sexy scenes and romance. This story contains it all.

In Claire's world, it doesn't look good for her kind. Frankenstructs are to be destroyed on sight by enemy forces. From her creators' view, she's the perfect sex bomb assassin. Claire knows her mission and will complete it, until she is found by Theo, a Colonel in the military forces opposing her creators.

Instead of being killed upon discovery, Theo uses her to push his own agenda regarding Franenstructs rights in his country. What he doesn't expect is to be emotionally and physically ensnared by Claire. Once he is determined to woo Claire, he goes after her in a hot alpha manner which made me want to submit.

Claire is much harder to convince than me. Her past experiences make her wary and difficult to win over. She also hides a secret that could bring her steamy romance to a dead halt. In the end, will her sacrifice overcome the betrayals she commits? This is for Theo to decide. I recommend Theo take a strap to Claire's resilient derrière. Punish her!

This world Ms. Silverwood creates is fantastic. I enjoyed every little steampunk device she used in the story. Some steampunk fantasy stories are more romance with a couple of add on steam devices. Those stories leave me feeling misled and dissatisfied. In contrast, IRON DOMINANCE is a steampunk story within a fully completed steampunk world. The steampunk technology permeates through the daily lives of the characters. This is especially attractive for me. I could visualize all these cool devices and machinery. The clothing was particularly sexy. Ms. Silverwood did an excellent job of balancing the steampunk devices so it didn't overwhelm the main storyline.

The main storyline I really enjoyed, which is basically a man, Theo, wooing a woman, Claire. The characters were engaging and felt real because they weren't perfect. Their fears made their actions and choices believable. The conflict in the story was well laid out and resolved in a logical manner which was rather painful to watch. I felt quite badly for Claire. I also felt sorrow for Theo. I will say the ending was to my satisfaction. I want to see another book in this world. In the next one, I'm hoping for more BDSM elements.

I recommend this book to steampunk lovers who enjoy a bit of BDSM and hot sex scenes. If you crave "take no prisoner" female assassins, this book will fulfill your need.

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