Review: Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness
Out of the Darkness by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

Marriage crumbling around her, author Samantha isn't sure what to do for her husband, Steve. Steve's secretive ways are bringing back terrible flashbacks of when he drank excessively. Could he be breaking his promise again? Has he fallen off the wagon again?

Steve is also a writer who is famous for his thriller mysteries. His marriage with Samantha has been up and down like a roller coaster. He's desperate to show her his love as he knows he's used up almost all her goodwill towards him. For a big declaration of love, for their anniversary, he takes her to Florida to a cabin which is haunted by restless ghosts. Neither Sam nor Steve knows how disturbed the ghosts will be.

To add to this mix, Samantha married Steve because she wanted to start a life and have kids. Steve was the one who would be able to make her dreams come true. She ended her relationship with Matt because of his reluctance to settle down. After eight years, she still has no children to show. There is a reason for this, and if Sam finds out the truth, there will be hell to pay.

OUT OF DARKNESS is filled with twists and turns. Mostly, it is filled with disappointment and heartbreak on Sam's part. Steve's secrets are abhorrent. He basically lied to Sam all their marriage and built a foundation of half-truths. Matt is the best friend of both Steve and Sam. He is also the one who truly loves Sam. It's interesting how one mistake can impact the lives of two people so drastically.

While Sam and Steve try to reconnect in the Florida rental cabin, there are paranormal forces outside of their control. How the ghosts and evil spirits came to be is rather sad. The theme of how the land remembers the evil perpetrated is chilling at times. The possession by a ghost is freakier. If this were a movie, it would definitely be one where movie watchers would be screaming out warnings and hiding behind fingers or pillows.

Yet, this story is a romance novel. It really is, because at the heart of it, two men love one woman. Who is the better one for her? The story lays it out pretty clear who is better for Sam, yet it still gives the perspective of "what if" scenarios. These "what if" scenarios are what brings angst. Steve is not bad nor is he evil. His actions are demoralizing and painful to witness. It's the "wife taken for granted" syndrome which breaks the reader's heart. All too many readers can sympathize with Sam and walk in her shoes. The way a couple can grow apart is also distressing and all too realistic.

Nevertheless, this is still an enjoyable book with some freaky paranormal events. This book is recommended to paranormal readers who aren't afraid of ghosts. If you enjoy happily ever after, this is a book is for you, but with a fitting twist.

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