Sex Toy Review: Swirl Anal Plug

No longer available swirl anal plug

Here are my reviewing categories

1. Not Worthy - not worth purchasing or even testing.
2. Spark - it sparked my interest but never kept it.  Can't remember the last time I played with it.
3. Flame - this one will generate orgasms and it's a good toy to keep in your toy chest.
4. Blaze - this is a favourite and guaranteed to cause me orgasms.  In addition, it's one I always want on hand.

My rating
This is not worthy.  I tried this one time and that was the last time.  It looked interesting when I found it at a Hustler store.  It was on sale and now I know why.  The reason why I bought this was because I thought it would be easy to slip into the ass and then stay in.  It did not.  It screwed in pretty easily but it didn't stay in that well.  It's because this is actually quite slim and the "knot" twist at the end doesn't help keep it in the ass.

I think anything with a twist, unless it's larger, won't really stay in as a plug.  It can be used for some anal teasing fun, but not to keep an ass filled.

The Where
I bought it off a sales rack from a sex store.  This picture is from Eden Fantasy.  However, it looks like no one is selling it anymore. 

The Why
I thought about this more.  How to use this would be purely for teasing a person's ass.  Twisting it in and out is about all that can be used with this toy.  We could mix it up with some fiery or spicy lube coating this plug.   So I guess the why would be for tormenting the submissive or bottom. (No pun intended.)

The Pros
None that I could come up with.

The Cons
The latex rubber was actually unappealing.  It was kind of sticky and there was a very strong smell of latex.  The cleaning of it was kind of a pain because of the twists.  Lastly, it won't stay in the ass so it's not a good choice for butt plug.

The Boring Specs

Not available since it's no longer sold and I threw out the box.


It reminds me of a twist ice cream cone. o.O
I kind of thought the same. But not as good as a twist ice cream cone.
More like an elongated pile of crap? ;)
eeewwwww. *barf* Hard limit

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