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Aching To Submit
Aching To Submit by Natasha Knight

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A must read for couples who are struggling with how to start on their erotic kinky journey. Ms. Knight does an excellent job of capturing a couple who have shut down on communication and could possibly diverge in their marital path. Sophie is twelve years younger than her husband, Michael. As an ex-pat in Netherlands (which can be very difficult for Americans), Sophie needs to learn to adjust to a new culture and learn a new language. On top of it, her mother in law and one of her sister in laws roll up the welcome mat and give her the cold shoulder.

This book is beautifully realistic and painfully honest when it comes to the disconnect of a husband and wife. Ms. Knight does an excellent job with her character building. The flaws in both the relationship and the characters are easily relate-able. What I really enjoyed is how the husband stepped up in this story. Michael isn't a pansy-ass pussy playing wanna-be Dom. He decides to ride the kinky train and finds he really enjoys it. While he fears hurting his wife, he fears his enjoyment of his burgeoning sadistic tendencies more. Michael is a man who is not being manipulated. He takes on the role of Dom with some trepidation, but he's game and gives it his best shot.

The BDSM in this story is spot on. The private club run by Kyan is a fantasy come true. The caning, spanking and anal are all deliciously written with quite the loving touch. The sex starts out sweet and ends in an explosive erotic exhibition.

With each book, Ms. Knight's writing style matures. This one flowed smoothly. The plot is nice and tight. It's a quick read with surprising depth. The focus is on the erotic awakening, yet Ms. Knight enhances the story with pointed familial connections.

The heart of this story is acceptance. This is what makes the story so good. Ms. Knight clearly demonstrates each character's concern. She brings out more emotion by displaying their unease and despair. This baring of the soul allows the characters to be reborn. Their fumbling searching to fill the unspoken hole in their lives is replaced with an understanding of each other. This erotic power exchange with the start of a domestic discipline is inspiring. This maledom book is highly recommended to couples who want a good example of how to open the lines of communication and start their own kinky exploration.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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