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Being Sapphire
Being Sapphire by Sylvia Ryan

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Love a kinky ménage where twin brothers share a woman they love? This story is one to read. Ms. Ryan returns to the New Atlanta world with more information about the Sapphire and Onyx zone. Be forewarned, after reading this one, there will be an intense desire for the next book in this series. This is a must read series for those who love dystopian themes.

Jordan Ford is the main character in this story. She's a tough cop from the Amber zone and a high rank in the resistance. In the first series the readers met Jordan who came across a bit cold. Now the reader learns about Jordan's past. It isn't pretty. Ms. Ryan does an excellent job of showing the reasons to why Jordan reacts the way she does. What may come as a surprise based on her previous stance on D/s and SM, is her need for BDSM sessions. Ms. Ryan shows exactly how Jordan relates to BDSM which is renamed to CALM therapy. While I may not agree to using BDSM as a form of psychological treatment, in this story, it works. What I really wish is this CALM therapy is deployed in our world. If it can be as accepted as it is in the Amber Zone, I'd be in heaven.

What I really enjoyed about this tale is the relationship between Jordan and the twins Shane and Patrick. The chemistry is definitely there between Jordan and each of the brothers. In addition, the sexual tension is so strong, I could feel it. I love when I can feel a strong emotion in a book. The conflict in this story isn't just about the horrible treatment of people by the corrupt government. It's the self-acceptance Jordan must achieve. Yes, she's torn between the two brothers because they each represent a side of her personality which she cannot integrate into a whole. It is painful at times to see her struggle. The reader also experiences the helplessness through the eyes of Shane and Patrick as they both try to meet her opposing needs. It's quite fascinating to watch as the relationship with each brother, separated by the two zones, grows. Who will Jordan choose? Will she go with the steady sweet love of perfect Patrick? Or will she succumb to the seduction of sinful Shane? I know which one I would choose, but that's because I'm bias in favour of the kinky stuff.

The BDSM in this story is more complex then the last one. I really enjoyed it. I liked the protocols and rituals Ms. Ryan introduces to help Jordan have a touchstone. The D/s in this story is a fantasy come true to someone like me. Shane is a dominant I would submit to in a heartbeat. He also enjoys incorporating impact play with bondage! He does it all. His BD is simple and effective. He's clear with his instructions and he understands Jordan. Some of the sex scenes in this story are smoking hawt. Find a towel because it may cause spontaneous pussy leakage. One wonders what Ms. Ryan will reveal to us in her next book. Will there be more intense BDSM? One can only hope. My guess is it will involve the Emerald Zone and hopefully more about the Onyx. This smexy book is highly recommended to kinky readers who love a strict and exacting Dom.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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