Review: Her Lactating Sissy

Her Lactating Sissy
Her Lactating Sissy by Fiona Piper

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Browsing late at night, I found a book which tripped my trigger. This is depraved and delicious. Ms. Piper is my new favourite sissification author. I want to read all her books.

Poor Aaron makes a career limiting move. He thought it would help him move on up. Instead, he's forced into a hidden demotion. This delightful tale of forced feminization as well as humiliation at work is fabulous.

The scenes Ms. Piper sets up are hawt and tastefully taboo. My favourites is the involvement of lactation. If only there was more! I'm wishing there is a follow up to this book to see what happens to Aaron. Does he stay as a female or does he change back? I'm betting he'd stay. I just wish to learn what other things are done to to him. Hopefully more intense and humiliating. Highly recommended for sissifications lovers who enjoy the fantasy.

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seo crossing said…
Rope Bondage
London Dominatrix
Great waiting for this type of SISSY always...

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