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Lord Regret's Price (Jane Austen Space Opera, #3)Lord Regret's Price by Joely Sue Burkhart

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BUY THIS BOOK NOW! Oh my heart aches for Lord Regret. Sig's past is revealed and his fears of his sexual depraved desires finally make sense.  Now we all know why he's renamed himself Lord Regret.  His self loathing is almost too much to bear.

While Sig tries to suppress his deviant sexual hunger through killing, Charlie and Gil are left trying to piece together what when wrong.  Before they can confront Sig, they are pulled into another court's intrigue.

Ms. Burkhart does a fabulous job with her world building in this one.  Her blending of the Chinese empire into this Space Opera is so well done.  I loved the incorporation of the Chinese names.  I especially liked the way she explained the culture so well.

“The first Qing Emperor once saw an alien woman with eyes he described as the marriage between the sea and the finest emerald. He brought her to live with him in Xuanyuan, causing much distress among his existing wives. When she was poisoned and died after suffering for days, he commissioned his physicians to develop a plant that he could enjoy in the park that would remind him of her. They worked many years to develop this grass until it was precisely the correct color of her glorious eyes.”

“And what happened to the wife who poisoned the lady?” Sig asked.

Cixi didn’t reply right away, which told Charlie it was going to be an ugly scenario.

“There was no way for the Emperor to know which of his wives ordered the poison. They all certainly had motive and opportunity. None of them would betray the other, and not even the eunuchs could be bribed into revealing the guilty party.”

“They were all killed,” Charlie said with dread surety.

Cixi inclined her head. “All of his current wives were ordered to the Palace of Heavenly Purity and hung, one by one, with his Empress Consort the last to meet the noose. I think he hoped that she might give him a name once the guilty woman was dead, but she was silent until the end.” loc. 1346 - 1356

This captures the essence of how the Chinese Emperor thinks and is reflective of the culture.  Beautifully deadly.  The way Ms. Burkhart weaves Chinese mythology down to the dragon into this world is just breathtaking.  It appeals to me since I am Chinese and rarely find an author write it in such a way which capitulates the ruthlessness hidden among the beauty.

From a sci-fi techno geek's perspective, this story is totally up my alley. Nanobots, James Bond like weapons, computer hacking, viruses jumping from man to machine and wormholes - what's not to like?

The sex in this story is scarce yet powerful.  Ms. Burkhart sadistically fades to black in several of the scenes which leaves me quite pouty. 

Where's the BDSM?  She teases us with cockrings and flails.  I want detailed description!  Then to find out afterwards Charlie has fingerprints on her neck.  *Swoon*  Breathplay, slow my beating heart.

Finally, a moving declaration has me sighing with pleasure.

“I trust you,” she whispered, her own voice raw as she watched his hand casually running up and down his cock to prepare the way. “I trust you to make it good despite the pain.” loc. 3510-3512

Oh my.  Do tell me more.  Ms. Burkhart shares just a glimpse before she whips it all away and ends the story with a definite hook for the next book.  Morocco, here we come! 

This book is highly recommended to Space Opera lovers who enjoy kinky menage and court intrigue.

*I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

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      Lord Regret's Price (Jane Austen Space Opera, #3)




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