Review: The Wench & Mora's Escape

The Wench & Mora's Escape
The Wench & Mora's Escape by D.W. Collins

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ready for some non-con slavery with a romantic ending? In The Wench, a God fearing woman is married to a supposed God fearing man. This Rev. Pendleton is a terrible representation of a Godly man and he should be flogged to death. He sells his sweet wife, Constance as a slave.

Constance is not perfect, but she doesn't deserve the harsh treatment she's been subjected to as a slave. No matter her protests of pure white blood, she's silenced and forced into depraved sexual acts.

This story is short, arousing and may hold a kernel of truth. It is not unheard of, for white females to be sold as slaves with claims of "mixed blood" in the early history of America when slavery was legal. Now that human trafficking is underground, this need for a reason to be sold is no longer needed. Any female can be forced into slavery. Still, this story is erotic and well written. It's enjoyable to see Constance put in her place the times she puts on airs.

In Mora's escape, the sexual slavery is increased in its corporal punishment. Mora is a haughty and naughty princess. She deserves what she gets. Her fall from princess to sex slave is an erotically hawt journey. Personally, if Mora was punished a bit more with more anal violation, I wouldn't object. Forcing her to service more women would have been a delight.

Both of these stories penned by Author Collins do fall into the BDSM fantasy category. While some of the BDSM scenes are plausible, most of these are best kept as fantasies for a little "me time". This duo is recommended for kinky readers who devour sex slavery themes.

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