Review: Brotherhood is Powerless: An Anthology of Femdom Fables

Brotherhood is Powerless: An Anthology of Femdom FablesBrotherhood is Powerless: An Anthology of Femdom Fables by M.J. Rennie

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Men who yearn to yield at the hands of a female dominant will enjoy this collection. Mr. Rennie creates another sexy anthology of powerful women taking males in hand.

This book is a bit of a mix between contemporary and twilight zone science fiction. There is even a hint of aliens in one of the stories. One of the recurring threads is the Cult of Cybele. This mysterious cult is followed by women who worship the Goddess Cybele. The mission of this cult is to bring feminine dominance into the forefront. The genesis of this cult is speculated to come from aliens. This is the twilight zone part of the book.

Each of these stories features a male who willingly submits to a woman. The stories vary from a sweet young woman learning the ropes in feminine dominance to a darker non-consensual kidnapping enslavement. Each of these stories are well-written and show a more balanced side to Femdom. These aren't stories filled with ball busting male bashing cruelty. Instead, each of these males are lovingly treated and seduced into enslavement.

For those who enjoy male chastity, pegging, cock ball torture (cbt) and milking, this collection showcases each of these in various scenes. There are also some interesting "educational points".

    "It is recommended that you get your submissive in the habit of consuming his own emissions, in whatever manner you choose, as an appropriate conclusion to your intimate activities." — Darlene Ellingson-Xavier, Theory and Practice of Feminine Dominance (pg. 122)

As well as some detailed instructions which are both educational and arousing.

    Parma showed Lindsey how to squeeze his [Lindsey's husband, Douglas] bulging testes in what she indicated was a "Peacock's Foot", meanwhile monitoring the state of his erection.

    "The nails must be long enough and the gland must be gripped hard enough so that all five nails leave marks upon the skin."

    Parma demonstrated the Peacock's Foot on Douglas several times before Lindsey got the hang of it. Each time one of the women tried the Peacock's Foot on Douglas, it brought a squeal from him that was high pitched, high volume, and more than a little girlish. The women laughed merrily. (pg. 144)

With a Mr. Rennie Femdom book, I can always count on arousing sexy scenes with strong women and submissive men. Even in his sci-fi stories, he still sticks close to plausible Femdom relations between a woman and a man. This realism makes his books both enjoyable and relatable.

This book is recommended for kinky women who love men kiss their feet.

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      Brotherhood is Powerless: An Anthology of Femdom Fables




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