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     The Games Destiny Plays (The Last Good Knight, #3)The Games Destiny Plays by Tiffany Reisz

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This piece by piece story is worth it.  In part three of this series, Ms. Reisz kicks up the kink and her dialog is both witty and painfully sharp.  Nora and Lance learn more about each other.  Their chemistry increases and it seems Lance is good match for her.  He's quite the knight in shining armor.  While the readers may like Lance with Nora, others warn Nora about the dangers of a white knight.

“He’s a sub. One of those knight-in-shining-armor type subs. The ‘I was born to serve and worship women’ types. You should hear this guy talk—it’s like something from a movie or a romance novel. He really believes in all that honor and chivalry bullshit.”

“I believe I warned you a long time ago about those sorts of men.” [Søren]

“I know, I know. ‘When one is a monster, one does well to avoid knights in shining armor.’ (loc. 142-146)

Another painful observation made by Nora regarding her situation with Søren takes my breath away.

“Hate’s like lube,” she [Nora] finally said. “Makes it easier to get in and get out. If it was all love with Søren, if I didn’t make myself hate him, I don’t think I could get out again.” (loc. 319-320)

It's writing like this which makes Ms. Reisz so good for me.  She's packs a punch with just a few words.  She invokes emotion in me which makes me flinch.  Ms. Reisz continues to stroke the fire with Lance's past.  I go into rage as we learn more about Lance and his unfortunate history.  This kinky contemporary  story is recommended for those who understand why knight may not be the best thing for a damsel in distress.

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      The Games Destiny Plays (The Last Good Knight, #3)




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