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Just Ask
Just Ask by Mia Downing

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

3.5 stars for smoking hawt m/m love! This is a surprise gay for you story for me. Of all of Ms. Downing's stories I've read to date, this is my favourite. This is a sweet tale of almost mid-life crisis for Jordan. He lost his uncle Blake who was only two years older than him. Blake leaves a resort in Fiji for him to 1/2 own and run.

Jordon is a ruthless business man who is like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. He buys business and sells out the best parts. He wants to do the same with this resort. The problem? Blake's partner in business, Ryan. Ryan is a former lawyer who now runs the Fijian resort and has no intentions of selling.

The relationship development in this story is fantastic. I liked both Jordan and Ryan. The fact I remember both their names w/o looking it up is a plus. Both men are sexy and funny. Jordan is a lovely submissive high power executive. The whole falling in love one a person, despite their gender is awesome.

The parts about Fiji were great too. Having vacationed in Fiji and partaken in their grog, it's really not that bad. I thought it was okay and it helped my sore throat.

The sex in this story is great. It's steamy and the underlying power exchange is definitely up my alley. It was very well done and I loved it.

Recommended for m/m romance readers who love the gay for you theme.

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