Review: Misenchanted Shifter

Misenchanted Shifter
Misenchanted Shifter by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A shifter who can change to many different animals is a freak of nature. It's because of a fey magical intervention in her childhood which cost Eileen her biological parents. When Eileen comes of age and wishes to find a mate, the magician's guild is elated because they are able to reveal to Eileen her true shape.

This is another lovely addition in this series. I can't get enough of Ms. Masters' Crossroad series. Each of these character are variation of the same alluring melody which touches a reader's soul. The stories are sweet romance and the conflicts are always believable despite the paranormal slant. The way Ms. Masters creates all these different matchup between different animals is fabulous. Is showcases her creativity. She can go from a simple animal to something mythical.

Eileen and Harris's courtship is just as sweet as the other courtships at Crossroad. Working at Crossroads is better than at Disney, because the workers get to see happily ever afters every day for new couples. This paranormal book is recommended to romance lovers who love their happy endings.

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      Misenchanted Shifter (Shifting Crossroads, #17)



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