Review: Out of Control

Out of Control
Out of Control by Teresa Noelle Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Those who love geeky professors, this is one for you. Jen Kessler is an artist doing her best to survive. Her family discounts her ability to make a living because she wastes it on artwork. Still, Jen doesn't look for handouts or charity. She will make her way through her art pieces. She independent and doesn't need anyone. That is, until she rents a room from Drake Matthews.

Drake is a guy who deals in straight forward logic. This follows with his math degree. Drake does have a kinky side which includes his need of control. He's into TPE which rubs Jen's fur the wrong way.

The BDSM in this story is erotic and so good. Ms. Roberts does entices the reader with bondage and spankings. The chemistry between Jen and Drake is molten hawt. The focus seems to be more on D/s than it is on BD. There is little SM. Unfortunately for Jen, she's more interested in the BD while Drake is all about the D/s.

The conflict in this story is Jen and Drake trying to make the relationship work. Their interaction is believable as they struggle to understand how they can have a relationship together. The give and take between two people who have lived alone for so long is amusing at times. Ms. Roberts does a good job of showing how difficult it is to adjust a schedule for two instead of one. The compromises each have to make is what makes this story so good to read.

From a character building stand point, Ms. Robert excels. Jen and Drake are both believable and realistic characters. While Jen does follow some of the stereotypical traits of an artist, she's still grounded enough for readers to admire. Drake could come across as the stuff professor yet his kinky interests makes him attractive.

What really stood out about this story, is how Ms. Roberts gives Jen a disability most people don't know about. I remember reading it as a disorder in my psychology class. I'm not sure how much research Ms. Roberts put into the particular disability. I can say that from a layman's view point, she did a fine job. How she incorporated it to Jen's everyday life and her art is fabulous. Within the first few mentions of how Jen sees people and how she interprets scents, it triggered the thought that Jen may have a special condition. For it to be validated and how Drake handle's Jen's unique view in life is heartwarming. Ms. Roberts really did a great job here and that's why I gave her a four star for writing.

This erotic romance is recommended for readers who love geeky guys and artsy gals coming together.

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