Review: Knotted

Knotted by Viola Grace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A marriage of convenience can be a win-win if both parties agree to the terms. Rowen is surprised when her special plant healing skill is desirable and nets her a job on a distant planet. The caveat is that she has to be a citizen through matrimony. Lucky for her, a high ranking male, Skorin, is avoiding his matchmaking family and will marry Rowen in name only.

The best laid plans sometimes goes awry with pleasant results. Ms. Grace crafts a world which catches my attention. These Guardians are interesting. The characters are likeable. The society is fascinating. The main complaint is that it's all too short. Share more about the Guardians. They are mysterious and in high demand.

It would be nice, too, if Ms. Grace kicks up the erotic heat between the two main characters. However, for a novella, Ms. Grace does deliver a smooth and compact story. The chemistry between the main characters is sweet. The space opera aspect is also appealing.

What is surprising is the relationship and dynamic between Rowen and her husband's aristocratic family. Rowen's interaction with Skorin's mother starts out shaky and leads a reader to believe it will be a mother-in-law from hell plot device. Instead, it transforms into a healthy bonding just as Rowen helps the plants on her new planet bloom to their full potential. This is a warm fuzzy story which makes me want to read all the stories in this series.

Recommended for space opera lovers who enjoy pioneer themes with a gentle yet strong leading female.

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