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Keeping Catherine Chaste
Keeping Catherine Chaste by J.G. Leathers

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Dehumanization is a specialty for Mr. Leathers. In Keeping Catherin Chaste, he delivers yet again a terrorizing tale for a naughty little girl. Catherine is a young lady who is just learning how her hormones are causing strange feelings. She may have touched herself a little bit "down there" and she feels guilty because good girls don't do this. Concerned, she talks to her mother. Big mistake!

Catherine's family is strictly religious and good girls don't have sex or touch themselves. To ensure Catherine doesn't become a wild bad girl, slutting her way through school, she is forced to wear an anti-temptation system. Basically, it's a metal chastity belt. It's humiliating and does more to arouse her sexually than when she didn't have one. Once Catherine is deemed as a bad girl, she's on the watch list and tricked into showing her lustful ways. In all honestly, Catherine is just a teenage girl awakening to her sexuality.

The plot to this story is singularly focused on torment of the female sexual organs. The mental anguish is nicely done. There is little in character development as the focus is to turn Catherine into a mute whipping girl.

Mr. Leathers creates a world of horrors for a young girl. This religious place is merely a facility to torture and sexually abuse young girls to the Covent's delight. The reader is treated to brutal orgasm denial, restrictive bondage and delightful degradation. The only thing which would make this better, is if while Catherine is kept chaste, she's force to sexually pleasure others. This would be exquisite torment. Of course, abuse from female authority as well as male authority upon Catherine are highlights. This story is more about restriction and denial than sexual humiliation and forced pleasure giving. The added bit with lactation is a nice touch.

The sisterhood of Eternal Penitence is a fitting to force one's rival to endure. In fact, this story with the chamber of horrors and isolation is an arousing masturbatory fantasy for revenge. Just imagine, putting females who have wronged you into this place. Then watching them as they suffer and knowing you placed them there. Perhaps visitation to help them with their body's orifice cleansing would be a nice reward. But mostly, using these unwilling women for your own sexual satisfaction is probably the best experience. It's only too bad no one took advantage of poor Catherine in this manner. Recommended for those who enjoy the pains and sufferings of an innocent female.

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