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Chosen To Be His Little Angeline by Zoe Blake

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Innocent virgins are easily misled in the Victorian age.   With not much of a choice in life, Angeline wants to go on a grand adventure, just like her mother did.  Well, she'd like to enjoy the adventure without a child as a souvenir.  Given the chance to attend a Ton country weekend party with some new clothing, she jumps at the chance, not even thinking of why a nobody like her would be invited.  Those who read historical romances will immediately understand the ramifications.  Angeline is too green and young to know anything, especially with her low station in life.  So when she finds herself in an orgy with her role as the virgin sacrifice, it is a bit daunting.  Angeline finds what she thought she wanted only to discover it isn't as great as she thought it would be.  Fortunately for her, there is another option, Lord Blackhurst.  Once again, Angeline doesn't understand what she signs up for.  Luckily, this time, her grand adventure will pay in wondrously depraved dividends. 

Ms. Blake creates a fantastically fun historical ageplay story with a pouty brat and heavy handed Papa.  This is definitely a non-con/dub-con ageplay and it's so good.  It's an entertaining fantasy to read as Angeline finds out the hard way what happens when she disobeys her future Papa.  The ageplay in here is delicious with forced enemas, diapers and many spankings.  Papa's special room to train Angeline is awesome.  If only there were more scenes with naughty Angeline being thoroughly punished.  This story is sexually maledom even with the addition of a nanny.  It would be nice to have a governess mixed in for some bisexual training for Papa's pleasure.  This is not to be.  Still, the erotic ageplay scenes are smoking hawt.  Ms. Blake is a fabulous ageplay writer and I always pick up her books to read.  She's on the must read list.  Highly recommended to ageplay readers who enjoy a historical setting with a no-nonsense nanny.

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