Review: Penthouse Variations on Submission

Penthouse Variations on Submission

Each tale leaves me wanting just a little bit more @cleispress #bookreview  

Penthouse Variations on Submission by Penthouse Magazine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The word Penthouse conjures up preconceived notions for many.  For me, it takes me back to my youth as I read Penthouse letters under my blanket and hoped my parents would never find the magazine.  I feel nostalgic as I fondly remember the Penthouse volumes I purchased during my college years.  These bite size stories of graphic sex appealed to me and generated many lovely "alone time" sessions.  My favourites were the ones under the pursuit and capture theme.  These kinky stories elicited a wave of submissive desire I couldn't quite understand as an 18 year old.

Finding a Penthouse book focused on the variations of submission is like giving crack to an addict.  This book is sublime.  Every little story aroused me.  The selection of authors and story is stellar.  In addition, the way the stories progressed to become hotter and more explicit really helped ramp up my sex drive.  This book definitely makes my spank bank category with finesse. 

The stories in here are tightly written with a singular focus - submission.  The different sexual partner combinations gives a nice buffet of choices.  Each tale leaves me wanting just a little bit more.  This collection is mind candy and does a fabulous job of keeping my mind aroused and edging me just toward the cliff yet never letting me fully go over.  This slap, tease and tickle anthology is one not to be missed.  The BDSM undercurrent here is much lighter than many of the serious BDSM books out now.  The submission in here is lighter, more practical and oddly, more realistic.  I can easily visualize most of these scenes and vicariously enjoy it.

Recommended for those who remember a time when Penthouse consistently produced quality erotica proudly.  It is lovely to see their return.

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