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Kristen Blooming Kristen Blooming by Jenny Penn

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A lady must never bend over. A lady watches her language. Kristen is a lady from head to toe. I really enjoyed this one in the Cattleman's Club series. Kristen is too adorable. She is innocent and looking for some independence from her parents. When she moves out of her parents' home and into her cousin, Gwen's, it's a step towards adulthood.

The characters in this story are more to my liking. Kristen is a girl who sticks up for her family. She is tender of heart. Her journey into being self-sufficient as well as her sexual awakening is fabulous to witness. She may be shy and obedient, but she is no doormat. Watching her blossom as she comes into her own is a treat. Ms. Penn does a great job of showcasing how Kristen changes in small steps. The way she dressed when she first lived with her cousin to when she made up her mind in what suited her style shows her growing self-confidence.

What I liked most about this story is showing Gwen through Kristen's eyes. Gwen is the proverbial bad girl who spreads her legs and does her best work on her back. She may not be a good role model, but Gwen helps out Kristen when no one else would. From Kristen's perspective, Gwen was a troubled woman who was treated badly. Sure Gwen may have caused some of the situations, but she didn't deserve to be killed. And this is what makes Kristen so good. Whilst everyone else feels Gwen got what she deserved, Kristen shows the heartache and loneliness Gwen experienced. At the end of this story, I felt bad for Gwen. I never thought she deserved to die, but I didn't care that she did. I've changed my mind and hope to see justice done for Gwen.

The ménage sex in here is fine. It's a kinky fun time for Kristen as she is sexually exploited by Dylan and Brandon. No one is complaining, least of all Kristen. It's nice to see where the female isn't so sexually knowledgeable. It's nice to see how the sex starts slow and as Kristen receives a tastes, she craves for more. It's too bad all the ménages here are m/fm. This erotic romance is recommended for ménage lovers who like the good girl who stays good.

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