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Re-WiredRe-Wired by Greg Dragon

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Perfecting a fembot Boys will always fantasize about creating the perfect female as evident in the movie Weird Science. Brad is a man with the intelligence to create the next generation of robotics. Defying his father's demand that he become a doctor, Brad knows his passion for robotics will give him the edge to create the perfect machine. One that can be independent and love a human to a degree. And definitely one where a human will fall in love with the robot. Tricia is the robot in question. She's new in that she can think for herself and feel. When Brad starts fixating on Tricia, things start to go south.

The twists and turns in this book are easy to follow. One of the main plot devices I figured out early on. This caused me to read the book with impending dread. It's frustrating to see someone with high potential lose it all. The way this story is set up, it's cleverly done. I enjoyed the plot. What I did not like is the main character. It is hard to like Brad, especially as he starts going down a dark path. Everyone can see the train wreck coming, yet no one is able to stop it. Every choice Brad makes after a pivotal one leads him further and further astray. When the big reveal occurs, it is no surprise. It is almost a relief that the secret is now out.

I can see this story turned into a Syfy original movie. It contains decent world building. The characters are well developed if a bit shallow and vain. The premise all works. Since Brad is so despicable for me, I had a hard time connecting with the book. If there was more of Tricia in the book, I probably would have liked it more. There are times where it is from her point of view. Those are the parts I enjoyed the most. This depressingly plausible downward spiral storyline is recommended for those who enjoy speculative fiction and robots with souls.

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