Review: Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil (The Veil Series, #1)Beyond the Veil by Pippa DaCosta

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Where did this author come from and how come I just learned about her? Ms. DaCosta is a new to me author who hit my wow list. Fans of urban fantasy will want to pick this book up. Ms. DaCosta is a mix between Nalini Singh and Keri Arthur. If Ms. Singh is light and Ms. Arthur is dark, Ms. DaCosta fits in the middle where it is just right.

Charlie Henderson is the main character and she is in hiding. She is a half-demon who used to go by the name of Muse. In this world, half-demons are scorned and targeted for death. They are a pawn which both demons and humans use and abuse. Charlie wants to be normal and live life as a human. When this is all ripped away from her, she returns to her Muse persona. When her demon half comes out, there is no easy way to force her back in. Muse wants a life where she can trust others and not have to always be on guard. It is an unfortunate necessity which she seems to have to learn over and over again.

The world building is intriguing. Half demons and a demon world are common in urban fantasies. Ms. DaCosta makes it her own with little flourishes and twists. This makes it memorable and I want to learn more about it. I want to learn more about how Muse may be more powerful than what she's been brought up to believe.

Frankly, I'm a little horrified by the callousness of humans in this book. I want a specific sect of "godly warriors" to die. They are not the good guys. I am disgusted with their psychopathic behaviour. It is irony they feel they are better than the half-demons. So far, the two half-demons in this series have the moral high grounds compared to the humans. Even the demons are better because they are true to themselves. The hypocrisy perpetuated by the humans make my blood boil. I digress in my fuming outrage.

The twists in this story may make a reader wonder what really is the real story. There are so many double crosses that at one point, who knows what is fact and what is fiction. It seems there is no one to be trusted in this world. Muse is still quite weak and naïve. With some of the hard lessons she is experiencing, I anticipate a growth in maturity. It will be nice to see her change from a victim mentality to survivor with a grudge. It shall be interesting to see if she brings vengeance as her demon thirsts for or if she is a milquetoast who needs a white knight to save her. This urban fantasy is recommended to those who root for the underdog and realize there are no good guys. Everyone has their own agenda.

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