Review: An Unhuman Journey

An Unhuman Journey zero to a hundred in less than ten seconds on the sex-o-meter heat indicator #bookreview @candaceblevins #smokinghawt
An Unhuman Journey by Candace Blevins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fire play, bondage, sensory deprivation, oh my. In this second book, Ms. Blevins pulls out all the erotically hot scenes and makes an edgeplay fetish lover melt. This book should not be read as a standalone. This series must be read in order.

Kirsten et al are still trying to figure out why so many powerful supernaturals are gathering around this area. Kirsten is also taking lessons from Mordecai and it is painful. The training scenes are erotically charged with painful pleasure. I'm not really into pain, but reading Ms. Blevins' stories always entice me to the dark side. Now technically, this is not a BDSM story. It is kinky with the way pain is mixed with pleasure. Well, there is flogging too as well as bondage. If you are confused, so am I. Ms. Blevins tends to write most of her stories with a kinky bent. She wouldn't know vanilla if bit her on the butt. I digress.

The plot of this story is fabulous. Kirsten basically questions if she should be involved in this supernatural war because technically, she is human. Humans should be outside of this yet she blurs the lines because of her unique powers. When she is abducted and taken to the demon world, it forces Kirsten to re-examine her priorities. I can't say I'd blame her. This is where the world building gets interesting. The reader learns more how the worlds are set up and how each supernatural species relates. One of the focuses is on "X" - the demon who shall not be named.

X makes me weak in the knees. The way he gets off is right up my alley - fire, bondage, flogging and temperature play. Did I mention the literally hot dick? The scenes between Kristen and X are carefully dog-eared on my Kindle and I repeatedly drool over them. Ms. Blevins goes from zero to a hundred in less than ten seconds on the sex-o-meter heat indicator. Please note, X is more than just a lovely sex toy; he is key in a bigger picture which is partial revealed in this book. The secondary characters surrounding Kristen are all sorts from friends, lovers to haters. It is a lively mix which makes the story richer.

Through all of this smexy goodness, Ms. Blevins adds in a touch of angst as well as a dose of humour. Her timing for both are perfect and makes this story pull out all sorts of emotions. This engages a reader and draws them deeper into the story. I must confess, I read this all in one sitting because I had to know what would happen next. I'm transported into a fabulous kinky world where the fight between good and evil is not as clearly delineated as one would like. This erotic urban fantasy is highly recommended to kinky readers who like heroines who kicks butts and takes down names.

Beta read this story for the author so I might be bias. A review was not requested, I wrote one anyway


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