Review: Resisting Darkness

Resisting Darkness Resisting Darkness by Kate Wendley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There is no resisting this book

The next book in this series cannot come out soon enough! The third book in this series is just as delightful and meaty as the previous one. Ms. Wendley delivers a thoroughly riveting tale of lost love, new love, death and rebirth. The reason for Ethan's hatred against Anthony is finally fully explained in this book. It is understandable and it also shows how long a vampire will hold a grudge. If the last book was all about Sebastian with Anthony as a secondary character this book is all about Ethan with Anthony as a solid back up.

Ethan lost his wife centuries ago and he never moved on. This is evident in his revolving door of shifter lovers. Can he even remember the names of these women he's physically satisfied? Doubtful. When Harmony, a lone vampire timidly enters into the Atlanta territory, it awakens Ethan from his numb bitter state. Unfortunately for Harmony, she is caught in an old feud, one started before she was even born.

The setup of this major show down is a bit lengthy. This is okay as it gives the time for Harmony and Ethan's romance. Ms. Wendley does a great job of showing how hard it is to compete with a dead woman. Whilst Ethan does not mean to compare Harmony with his beloved dead wife, Sonja, it happens one time too many. The emotional anguish in this story is drawn out leaving Ethan raw and exposed. This makes for a volatile confrontation when Ethan finally takes his dead wife's killer to task. It is almost a relief when this happens because the buildup just causes dread among Ethan's family as well as the reader. It is a train wreck waiting to happen.

The conflicts to this story are well written. The resolutions to them are a bit too pat. Still, it nicely ties all the threads off and the ending is actually quite predictable, down to Harmony's involvement. There is a little twist with a spirit guide which is what makes me want to learn what happens next. This story is well written with just the right tension, romance and violence. Ms. Wendley is a storyteller who whisks a reader away from the mundane and into the magical world of the supernatural. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy angst, love and intrigue.

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