Review: A Touch of Lavender

A Touch of LavenderA Touch of Lavender by Allie Quinn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sweet and romantic fantasy, this BDSM tale is for those who enjoy glitterkink. Jax and Lavender both belong to an exclusive BDSM club. It is the kind of club where the rich and elite go to unwind to get their kink on. In this fantasy world, they can let their inhibitions go and feel the sensations they suppress during the day.

This story is the romantic version of how real life BDSM is like. The BDSM scenes are smooth and plausible. The club is a fantasy version that I sometimes wish existed. Jax as a dominant is an alpha male who is sexy and a protoype for a perfect romantic dom. This story reads nice and easy as Ms. Quinn takes the reader into a sexual journey where once the masks comes off, reality is a bit harsh.

I'm mixed about the masks and playing with strangers. For this story, it works. Especially because Jax and Lavender know each other outside of the BDSM scene and their relationship dynamic is quite a bit different. The masks allows their inner desires to surface. Because in the work world, Lavender is the one in control. But is she really? Since Jax knows who she is both in their work and hidden private world, it would seem he holds the upper hand. Whilst she is falling in love with two seemingly different men.

The plot of this story is easy to follow and gives the story that little kick of suspense. The characters are easy to like and the BDSM club is attractive. Overall, this story is great for romance readers who want a taste of kink to their erotica. The conflicts in this story keep the pace moving and the resolution whilst expected, brings a nice closure. This charming erotica is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM story.


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