Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Jesse

Jesse by Roxanne Byrnes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stealing money from a company is never a good idea. When the owner of the company is a sexual dominant who doles out punishment to bad little girls, Jesse is in a lot of trouble. Rourke doesn't take well to anyone robbing him. When Jesse not only quits but embezzles money from him, he will hunt her down, no matter where she hides.

From a BDSM hawtness factor, this story is decent. It does contain a bit of nice age-play as well as humiliation and guilty pleasure. Jesse is a sexual submissive who is frightened of Rourke's alpha male aggressiveness. This does explain why she runs. A bit older now, when Rourke catches up to her, she's still not ready to handle Rourke. She is willing to give it a try. Her education into a kinky lifestyle is fast and furious.

This is obviously a BDSM fantasy story. Rourke is not the kind of dominant one would consider to be a "model" one. This is because he is forcing Jesse into sexual slavery to pay for her sins. Whilst he does train other females into sexual slavery, they all sought this lifestyle while Jesse did not. This little bit of dub-con may blur the lines a bit. This is the reason why this story is being cautioned as BDSM fantasy. The things Rourke forces Jesse to do is smexy hawt and I'd actually not have an issue submitting to his punishments. The slight ill at ease part is Jesse's lack of knowledge in BDSM and her lack of true willingness to submit. She still doesn't know herself and her desires well enough to be able to handle Rourke's training. Rourke may be a good trainer for those wanting to get into the lifestyle, but for newbie submissives who are originally vanilla, he comes across as an abuser.

The story pace is good. There is enough downtime between each sexual torment. The characters are pretty simple - thus easy to understand. The ending is a bit abrupt which leaves a reader wondering what happen to the rest of the book. Since this appears to be the first in the series, I'm intrigued enough to want to read the next one. Ms. Brynes should continue with the BDSM heat and perhaps make Rouke less of an asshat and more of an intimidating dominant. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a boss taking an employee to task theme.

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      Jesse (Collar and Lash Book 1)



Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: A Clean Sweep

A Clean Sweep
A Clean Sweep by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Watching shows about hoarders may cause a viewer to want to clean their house. One may wonder how these people live with themselves. Many may judge hoarders and their immediate family harshly. How do their families allow this to happen? In A CLEAN SWEEP, Ms. Dalton humanizes hoarders and their families. This story is moving in the sensitivity it applies to family members impacted by hoarding.

Essline Barrone, aka Essie, is estranged from her parents. As an only child, this makes it sadder. The reason she no longer goes home after she escaped through her college years is because of her father's hoarding issue. After trying to stick up for her mother and being slapped down, she's done with both of them. When her father passes away, her mother reaches out to her.

This story is moving because of how realistic Ms. Dalton creates her main character. Learning about Essie's sorrow and rage against her father is painful to witness. The children and spouse of hoarders suffer in a way the general populace don't understand or see. Learning how Essie and her mother couldn't allow people to come to their home or how they had to keep the curtains closed so no one can see the hoarding is heartbreaking. To see how Essie's mother even lost a place in the marriage bed to the hoarded items is soul-crushing. The sensitivity Ms. Dalton uses to show how the hoarding impacts both the hoarder and their loved ones is commendable.

From an erotic perspective, this story didn't need it. Yes, the light BDSM is delicious. It's Ms. Dalton, so it is a guarantee that the BDSM is accurate. It's a poly relationship, so it's going to be smexy hawt. This all takes a back seat to the healing Essie and her mother go through when they clean the cluttered home. A side thread involving a pet hoarder enhances and helps make this story even better. It ties in well since Essie works as a vet technician.

For those who have read all the other books in this loosely tied series, favourite characters from previous books make an appearance. These secondary characters are lovely because once again, it's a community of realistic people helping others in their time of need. These characters aren't millionaires or billionaires. They hold regular jobs, experience the common problems most people go through and enjoy the benefit of a kinky life. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a happily ever after.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher by Daisy Philips

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

What would a man do to prove he can be promoted to an executive level? What if he could pass the leadership with flying colours and yet his lack of aggression marked him for middle management?

Dave gave fifteen long years of his life to a company so he could make it to the top. Unfortunately, he is too nice so he's not passing his final assessment. The teacher of the course, Lida, offers private tutoring over the weekend. If he submits to her unconventional coaching, he is sure to be promoted.

This concept is a hawt wet fantasy. There is very little world building or plot. The focus is on Dave and Lida getting it on. Lida is determined to bring the tiger out of Dave so that he can be more forceful at work. The building of the scene for some kinky femdom! What's not to like? This titillating role reversal and exchange of power is sexy. Ms. Philips does a nice job with the erotic heat.

A warning, this is the third book in the series. While the book can be read as a standalone, there is a twist in the end which doesn't make any sense unless the first book is read. Since I read only this book in the series, the ending gave me a WTF moment and I had to re-read several sentences over again. It will be a jarring and abrupt end which may cause readers to be irritated. Now that I understand the series, I want to go read the first two books.

The kink is light to medium intensity and tastefully done. It's a snack size read to get the juices flowing before some kinky time with the hubby. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy fantasizing about roleplaying.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Review: Extreme Measures

Extreme Measures
Extreme Measures by Elisabeth Naughton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Female covert operatives are more and more popular. With shows like Alias and Covert Affairs, a strong female lead in stories is inevitable. For those who enjoy spy thrillers, this book is for you. Ms. Naughton is new to me and I'll be keeping an eye on her.

Eve Wolfe is an operative who works even covertly in the Company. She is similar to the Internal Affairs for cops. When her sister is captured during one of her ops, she goes off grid unwillingly. Her former lover, Zane Archer, is a lover scorned and demanding for answers. The two of them come to an understanding quickly when they become public enemy number one.

This story moves at a fast pace. Ms. Naughton does a good job of throwing red herrings to keep a reader guessing. The conflict in this story is trying to figure out the real traitors before Eve and Zane are killed. However, this seems to be relegated to the background and Zane tries to reconcile the Eve he knew with the one that stands before him. The romance in this story is a stronger element than the suspense. For those who are into romance over suspense this will work well for you.

The characters are well written. Eve is a strong woman who is isolated. It seems only her father knew her best. She's estranged from her sister yet still love her. Her complicated history with Zane adds a nice torn emotion when they meet up again. Eve is an imperfect character. She's made decisions she regrets which costs lives. Matching her up with a boy scout type who lives with strict rules is fun to watch. Zane's strengths are protection and his inability to be corrupted. This also handicaps Zane in some ways because he's rigid and inflexible about right and wrong. Life tends to have lines which are easily moved and erased. Watching Zane struggle with this and Eve's decisions is amusing.

Overall, this is a fast paced and smooth read. It's easy to follow the plot and the characters are admirable. It's an enjoyable page turner recommended for romantic suspense lovers.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: Cross & Crown

Cross & Crown (Sidewinder, #2)Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fabulous.  Julian shows up too!  I am really starting to like Nick. 

For some reason, Nick looks like this in my mind.

Even though I know this is a Navy uniform and Nick is Marine.

  The Romance Review

Battered up White Knight Nick is back in the game! Ms. Roux brings an excellent new installment in her new Sidewinder series. In this second book, it's action-packed fun mixed in with erotic exhibition. Hot tamales is the phrase applied to Nick and Kelly when they get it on!

Nick is back in the game. Kelly convinced him to go back to his job as a Boston cop. It's to give Nick a chance and see if he really wants to give up his job to be with Kelly. Before he knows it, he's tangled up in a homicide where the only witness has amnesia due to a bullet gazing his skull. Just what Nick needs, a crazy case when his hot boyfriend Kelly is visiting from Colorado.

This book is action-packed history. If the history in here is accurate, Ms. Roux is a phenomenal storyteller because the historical parts really intrigued me. History was my worst subject in school. I couldn't remember any of the dates. I couldn't remember the battles, who fought and why they fought. History taught in American public schools is so bloody dry. The textbooks about history are terrible. I learn more about history through romance writers who incorporate history into their tale. Ms. Roux's history lesson riveted me. The attention to detail she writes into this treasure hunting story is fabulous. I'm sure she takes some artistic license with some of the clues, but still, it's fascinating. It piqued my curiosity. The way Ms. Roux connects it all together is brilliant and entertaining. Plus, we learn about the Recon Jack and the Rosicrucian, not to mention pigpen cipher. This is the truly fascinating bit and now I want to create my own pigpen cipher.

This story is about the same pace and vein of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. If you enjoyed that story, you'll enjoy this one, too, though it's a lighter adventure yet sexually heavier tale. Ms. Roux's trademark humour during serious settings is still spot on. Below are a few examples which must be mentioned. Nick's been working non-stop to figure out this case. His partner, Hagan walks in.

    "Oh my God," Hagan said as he saw Nick's face. "You look like a feral cat in an alleyway. What have you done to yourself?"

    "Found a case of energy drinks in the break room," Nick answered, his words clipped and precise (pg. 54)

Another fun scene is when Nick and Kelly discuss the seriousness of Julian Cross appearing. Kelly turns Nick on with just a little sexy suggestion.

    "Julian Cross." Nick leaned forward, his hand squeezing Kelly's knee. "He's out there for a reason, showing himself; we just need to bring him in. How do you feel about a little bait and switch?"

    Kelly licked his lips, then grinned slowly. "Sounds about as fun as you bending me over one of those interrogation desks."

    Nick groaned and pushed his chair back so they were no longer in contact. "Don't fucking tempt me, okay? Those rooms have video feeds."

    "Really? Do they record?"

    Nick had to get up and walk away as Kelly laughed merrily at his desk. "You're killing me, Kels," he called over his shoulder. "Killing me!" (pg. 81)

Learning more about Nick in this book has me falling in love with him. He's an amazing man whose greatest strength is also his weakness. He is a man who keeps his promises. He's a man who loves fiercely and isn't afraid to tell people who he is in love with. Amazingly, he's not dysfunctional like his best friend Ty. He's pretty well balanced for someone who's gone through what he's gone through.

Between the dreamy characters, excellent world building and the great plot, Ms. Roux covers it all. She also sets up for the next book in this series at the conclusion of this book. I can hardly wait to see what Ms. Roux brings on next. She's creating a sexier and smarter Indiana Jones. This book is highly recommended to m/m lovers who enjoy suspense with a side of Hot Tamale sex.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review: Reality Bites

Reality Bites
Reality Bites by Gail Koger

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Strong females who take no orders from men and cause plenty of trouble are trademarks in a Ms. Koger book. Included at no extra cost is chaos, disasters and sexy men with an amazing penis. What's not to like about her books? In Reality bites, yet another Jones female is doing her best to stay off the breeding radar. She and her stepfather don't buy into the protection from the Coletti warlords. They want all aliens gone from Earth.

Bree's specialty is to wreak havoc against these alien overlords as part of the Resistance. She's been brought up on hate for these males. Personally, I find Bree a bit foolish for her cause, but she's been effectively brainwashed by her stepfather. While Ms. Koger tries to show this is all for the good, it's quite apparent, Bree is a fool. She is young, headstrong, impulsive and in need of a good spanking. Lucky for her, Jaylan is more than dominant enough to discipline her. In this story, more than any of the other stories, I really rooted for the aliens. Bree's antics are foolhardy, dangerous and not well thought out. She's wild and needs to be taken in hand. Perhaps a good daily maintenance sodomy from Jaylan will help keep her in line. Doubtful.

What is a bit annoying about Bree is that it's never her fault. Someone else starts it and she "finishes" it. This is in the eye of the reader. For me, she gets herself into these situations. If she worked more with Jaylan, there would be less drama and better execution of a plan. However, in a dogfight, Bree is definitely an asset.

For those who enjoy insane situations, snarky heroines and much put upon alpha males, this is a fun read. From beginning to end, it's a ride on the crazy train. Usually, I'm not a fan of the crazy train and I want off of it. When Ms. Koger is the train engineer, it's "all aboard" for me. I loved the quirky ways she uses to get Bree out of trouble. I also like how she injects hot erotic sex. The fact that her males are dominating with a slightly intimidating penis is only a bonus. I do like how she makes these females heel to the men, yet not break. I really feel sorry for the Coletti men saddled with these out of control Jones women. I realize the point is for the Coletti to be able to keep their race from going into extinction. One wonders if the men truly understand what kind of children would result in this union. My bet is the men will tear out their hair if they have daughters. This demented space opera is a great read for those who enjoy laughing out loud.

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      Reality Bites (Coletti Warlords, #4)



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Ocelot of Trouble

Ocelot of Trouble
Ocelot of Trouble by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A constant klutz and danger to all men, Mina is doomed to live a life all by herself. Every man who is interested in her ends up hurt. Mina is so much trouble, when her family sends her off to Crossroads, all her ex-boyfriends help to raise the funds for her stay. This is probably the most humiliating day in her life as everyone tries hard to make her go away.

Mina's visit at the Crossroads starts out not much better than at home. Men interested in her fare no better. Lucky for her, the Crossroad workers realize there is something wrong with Mina and it isn't her fault. This bit of twist is amusing. How often have we wished for someone who rejected us to have terrible things befall them? Mina may not have deserved her condition, yet it doesn't stop it from existing. Fortunately for her, the man who falls for her won't give up.

Robar is the opposite of Mina. He attracts women to him like bees to flowers. He's rich and loves to try out the latest flavour of the day. Most of the women just want him for his money. When he's forced to go to Crossroads to find a mate for life, he's horrified. Tied down to one woman when there are so many to sample? This is his worst nightmare.

Ms. Masters writes unique characters. Even after reading many of the books in this series, her characters are amazingly different. They all have different problems and challenges. The one thing they have in common is finding a mate at Crossroads. This magical place is a woman's fantasy because it brings true love together without fail. This is place where only the truth is revealed and love can emerge. Another fun and delightful story with two seemingly different people coming together. Recommended for romance readers who love when a playboy is done sowing his oats.

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      Ocelot of Trouble (Shifting Crossroads, #8)