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Review: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Confused, aroused and incredulous, CHAIN REACTION comes across as porn without a plot. In fact, very little of the plot is revealed until the end. This is a town secretly invaded by aliens. To what purpose will this help the aliens? After a couple of orgies, does anyone care?

This story is a humourous look at small towns in America where the degree of separation between each other is less than six degrees and closer to one degree. The sexual shenanigans are romanticized swinger scenes. What woman wouldn't want to have sex with a studly black well-hung athlete? What about making a tiny Asian woman squeak and squeal in ecstasy? The sexual combinations in here are all the well-used stereotypes for porn movies. The play off of racial stereotypes could be offensive. Instead, it comes across as amusing and wank-worthy.

The writing style is simplistic. The story grows organically with very little plot development. And honestly, a reader picking up this kind of book won't care. It's erotic porn with a bit of revenge fuck mixed in. There are a few lines in the story which catches a reader's attention. I did find a term which I'll probably use going forward--BILF. It's a term which objectifies and dehumanizes a person in a sexual manner, which amuses me to no end.

  "Marcia was secretly known, by the men in the company at least, as BILF—the Boss I'd Like to Fuck. (pg. 59)

Here's an example of the play on stereotypes which help save time. As an Asian woman, I can say that this is pretty accurate with many repressing their sexual urges. No clue on Hispanic women.

   "They told me that Asian women normally repress their sexual urges and Hispanic women relish in them,
so when the Hispanic urges overcome the resistance..." (pg. 65).

The ending is when everything becomes clear and the blurb of the book makes sense. It's a little out of left field but still works. Recommended for horny housewives with bisexual swinging fantasies.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review: Vanilla

Vanilla by Megan Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vanilla is a word which conjures up many different emotions for someone in the lifestyle. For Vanilla is what we use for those who are not interested in kink. It's not a bad word, it's word which implies a lot and for those who are happy to let their freak flag fly, it's a not a flavour we thrive on. We can take a bit of a taste here and there, but to live on Vanilla alone may be the death of us. Elise is a women who enjoys sexual power over men. Her past relationship burned her so badly she now has a no dating rule. She can dominate and scene with a man, she just doesn't want a relationship. Yet she yearns for more. Perhaps four years is long enough and she is ready to begin learning how to love again.

This book breaks my heart. It is about a woman who is in tuned with her needs and others either judge or disappoint her. Ms. Hart does an amazingly accurate job of capturing the difficulties of being a female sexual dominant. From the misunderstanding of her kink to dating outside the kink pool - all of it is scarily realistic. At the heart of this journey, is a woman who wants to find a man who understands her. A man who she understands and enjoy an erotic power exchange. Someone who can see and appreciate the sum of all her parts. Elise is tired of only being seen for parts of herself. What woman or man doesn't want this? The difficult for her is the fact that not only is she kinky but she wants to be the one on top. Female dominants are oft maligned as man-hating sadistic bitches ready to cut off men's balls. This is unfortunate because most of the dommes I know in real life are nothing like this. As a switch, I'm not like this and yet I am also painted with the same brush of being a cruel heartless bitch. This is why I connected so well with Elise. I understand her in all levels and my heart cries for her painful rejections.

I'm not going to lie. My heart physically hurt whilst reading this book. I know going into a Ms. Hart book that I need to brace myself for being torn apart and then then slowly be built back together. Even with my preparation, I felt destroyed near the end. I end up gasping for breath as I choke back sobs. This book will touch the softer side of a
strong woman. The part which is hidden from the world because of how often people want to tear down a successful woman who is both strong and soft.

Niall is a great guy. As a love interest character, he's an ideal boyfriend until it gets into the sex part. The things he says are hurtful and he doesn't even understand why. The scene where he thinks it's okay to do what he did, if I had been Elise, no lie, I would have hurt him terribly. I would have cut him down where it hurt the most in the coldest way and walk away with him bleeding his heart out. I would never take him back. He would be dead to me. D.E.A.D.T.O.M.E. DEAD. In that moment in time, all the love would have instantly turned to hate. That's how offensive his actions are to me. I would never trust him again and I wouldn't be able to repair the relationship with him because I will always remember this one defining moment. For Ms. Hart to write this and yet be able to change it into something different, I'm impressed. Now many readers may not get why I consider Niall response such a hurtful act. And that is okay.

For those who don't understand femdom and think it's all about stepping on men's balls and pegging them in the ass, this is a different version of femdom. In this one, Elise shows how she derives pleasure from controlling and pleasing. She shows how her dominance brings strong orgasms and connections. She also shows how it does take trust and negotiation for a D/s relationship to work. Her relationship with Niall is a perfect example of how vanilla and kink can cross paths and end up with heartbreak. With work, there is a possibility for the vanilla person to become spiced vanilla. In all honestly, I don't believe it will happen in real life. I haven't seen nor experienced it. There is no swaying and if a kinky person decides to be with a vanilla, it will end up in heartbreak or dissatisfaction. This story whilst painfully moving, it is still a romantic fictionalization when kinky meets vanilla. Recommended for kinky readers who are hopeless romantics.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex and leather

A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex and leather
A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex and leather by C.P. Mandara

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So close to the end and now the big reveals are happening. Are they a surprise? Not really. Petal just sabotages herself over and over again. She isn't bright and she makes so many mistakes it's unreal. The owner of this kinky pony farm is finally revealed. It is as expected. Even the way the owner is related yet not related to Petal is predicted by most readers. It does make sense after looking at how Petal is being treated.

The plot of this book moves slow. My guess is because it needs to wrapped in in book six. What isn't slow is the masturbatory scenes assaulting the reader one right after another. Yes, I can be bribed with porn and I can be bribed with deviant sex filled with humiliation. This one is filled with the good stuff. Ms. Mandara does a nice job of contrasting Kyle's unbalanced sadism with Mark's erotic sadism. It gives a reader perspective of how sadists can be different and why one would be preferable over another. Mark's dark desires are willingly met by his submissives. The Japanese dinner scene is tantalizing and I can't decide if I want to be the diner or the dinner platter. I think I'd liked to be tormented as a dinner platter. Having experience being a platter for sushi in real life, being a turkey stuffing seems to be quite exciting. How would it work? A deviant mind whirls with dirty possibilities.

The BDSM in this story, how to describe it? Impossible, panty wetting, sex toy buzzing and depraved are probably the words I'm thinking of when reading this book. None of the BDSM in this story is plausible without killing someone or severely damaging them for life. This is a BDSM fantasy and for those who fantasize about females being sexually tortured, forced to orgasm and turned into dumb animals. Expecting SSC or RACK is unreasonable and not applicable in this book.

There is one thing that baffles me in this book. There is a reminiscing by Petal of her father and how strict he was at home. It covers how she was disciplined and embarrassed in front of others. The question is, if this is the case, then how did she end up being such a spoiled brat? This makes no sense to me and I've not been able to reconcile it in my head. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in book six. I want to know if Petal is saved or not. I want to know what Mark will do. I want to know why Petal's father has it in for Mark so much. I'm hoping for some really deviant depraved debauchery, even if it is just a one night scene. I can't see a way this will end well with a happily ever after. This darkly kinky erotica is recommended for those who enjoy sadistic pony-girl training.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Review: Back to You

Back to You
Back to You by Lauren Dane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful romance and definitely another winner from talented Ms. Dane. Returning back to the Hurley boys, it's Vaughan's turn to find his woman. What if this woman is one he treated poorly and kicked to the curb? What if he broke her heart so badly that there is no way to win her back? What if this woman is ready to move on with another man? Kelly Hurley is finally ready to start fresh and marry a man who can be there for her. Ross is a man who may be a bit staid, but he is there when she needs help. There may not be the chemistry as with her ex-husband and father of her two daughters, but Ross treats her with respect.

This is an emotionally difficult story to read. Because the two characters, Vaughan and Kelly are both ones a reader will love. Vaughan is not a bad man. He's a boy who finally grows up and grows a pair of balls. For too long, as the youngest child, he lived outrageously spoiled and expected others to pick up the pieces. He regrets his callousness and tries to charm his way back into Kelly's life. He expects it to be difficult but not impossible. Oh this silly boy. When Vaughan learns just how badly he's messed up and damaged a loving woman, it may be too late to recover and repair. Kelly is one of the strongest female characters Ms. Dane has written. The adversity she wrongly faced with the Hurley clan is beyond comprehension. The fact that she can still be civil and ensure her kids are not negatively impacted is amazing. I love Kelly. I feel her pain and her confusion with Vaughan.

Ms. Dane is a master at creating loveable characters. The turmoil she creates pulls the reader in and hopes for a happily ever after. It is amazing how she turned this around and brings Vaughan and Kelly together. The loving way these characters are treated as well as how the family members respond is fantastic. This story is about growth. Watching Vaughan own his mistakes and become a better man is a pleasure to witness. Seeing him learn just how hard it's been for Kelly to raise two daughters by herself amidst a hostile environment gives a reader a feeling of vindication. It also gives Vaughan a new appreciation for her. Kelly's growth in this story also occurs as she learns to stand up for herself better. It's good to see past hurts slowly fade and be repaired. Everything about this journey as two lovers find their balance together is breathtaking and moving. I'd be lying if some of the hurts Kelly suffered at Vaughan's careless hands didn't bring tears to my eyes. And yet, Ms. Dane does an incredible job of not making a reader hate Vaughan. This is a very special book of love and how in the end, the work and heartbreak is worth it all. This book is highly recommended to romance lovers who love a second change for a happily ever after.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review: The Dragons' Demon

The Dragons' Demon
The Dragons' Demon by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dragons, angels and demons, oh my! Eve Sinclair is a demon with an important job. She and her brothers give that little push to allow an ambivalent human determine their afterlife fate. Do they go to heaven or hell? It's up to the human. When Eve's prankster brothers go a bit too far with a joke on her, Eve is taken by the Dragons.

Dragon lovers, this is a story for you. Ranton is a high ranking dragon and he is pissed. Some demon stole his mother's egg and he wants it back. When he finds Eve holding the egg, all hell breaks loose. Did anyone mention this egg is special because it holds the future dragon king? Imagine Eve's surprise when she finds out and is left trying to explain this mess and make it right.

This is a tightly woven store with mischief and high erotic heat. Ms. Harte writes erotic scenes like no other. She is always dependable for cranking up the thermostat to smoking hawt. The chemistry between Ranton and Eve is fiery and argumentative. These are two stubborn characters who can handle just about anything. It's a blast to watch and readers should pop some popcorn and watch the fireworks between them. I thoroughly enjoyed the erotic aspect as well as the temper tantrums. The fun injected into this story as well as the kick butt characters makes this story a joy to read. From page one, a reader is hooked and won't stop until the end of the book. The world building is intriguing if left with many open questions. With a follow up book, hopefully the second one will expand upon the world building. This paranormal romance is recommended to dragon lovers who melt for an alpha male.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review: Punishing Portia

Punishing Portia
Punishing Portia by Darling Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Revenge is a dish best served on a hot spanked ass.  In Punishing Portia, Chef David Marone is shocked when he sees Portia Sands at a BDSM retreat as a submissive.  Portia is a food critic who attacked him personally instead of just reviewing his food.  David recalls Portia from when they went to school together and he can't fathom why she has it in for him.  After some venting, he laughs it off and gets ready for his annual kinky vacation. When David finds Portia at his yearly kinky retreat, auctioning herself off as a submissive, it is time to dish up his revenge. 

The characters in this story are engaging and easy to like.  Even Portia with her spiteful attitude towards David is understandable if a bit unprofessional and immature.  David is the antithesis of famous chef Gordon Ramsey when it comes to working with people.  David is kind, supportive and a general all around nice guy.  It's a pleasure to read a BDSM story where the characters are not mentally disturbed or riddled with past trauma.  Instead, these are regular people with regular jobs who have fun with D/s and spankings.

The kinky retreat is GlitterKink sparkly.  I live very close to Ohio, where is this castle?  How do I get hooked up to go to this place?  Probably out of my means, but still, pretty alluring.  The BDSM in this story is closer to domestic discipline which is to be expected from Ms. Rose.  It's a lovely kinky time with some modified pet-play.  The story is sensual and believable from start to finish.  The pet-play is well done in this one and enjoyable for those just learning about how pet-play dynamic can work.

The story is tightly writing and easy to read through.  There are no complicated contrived miscommunications.  It’s two people who are seemingly enemies coming together to be something more.  This kinky romance is recommended to readers who enjoy enemies to lovers theme with a good dose of spanking involved.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Pretty When You Cry

Pretty When You Cry
Pretty When You Cry by Keith Anderson

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

BDSM fantasies from a male author seems to be dirty and a bit more taboo. Mr. Anderson easily scores on both counts and it is guiltily arousing. He is a new to me author and I want to read more. If this short anthology is just a taste of what is to come, I can't wait for the next book. The story themes are erotic and plausibly realistic.

The BDSM scenes in this book are too short. For the most part, they are well described which provides for a good visual. The knife story is my favourite one. It is an impressive one because out of the hundreds of BDSM stories I've read over the past few years, this is the only one of its kind. The scene takes edgeplay to what most readers are not comfortable with and for those who are lifestylers, it's a new scene to try. Based on how BDSM is written in this story, I would guess Mr. Anderson is in the lifestyle. The responses of the bottom and the setup of the scenes are authentic and lends credibility to his experience. If he isn't in the lifestyle then he does good research.

What would make this better is if Mr. Anderson writes longer story. If Pretty Little Lies can be expanded with the main character Jax, it would be delightful. Be it character or plot driven, knife scenes perhaps with interrogation mixed in it would pull several darker kinksters in. Another one which would be great to expand upon is All You Ever Wanted. The plot twist in this short story is taboo and in much demand with dark readers. Although usually, it's m/m in more demand than f/f. This short story is well crafted with tension. Then a surprise reveal with depraved sexual torture makes the story supernova hot. The story ends too quickly and leaves plenty of opening for more. There are several questions I have for Mr. Anderson about Chad, Rose and Alyssa. The possibilities make my mind whirl in feverish anticipation and moistens my panties.

Another recommendation is better transitions between scenes. Using hashtags to separate is jarring. Perhaps it is because these are short stories, the separator is used. My preference is using chapters and better transitions between time differences. Otherwise, readers will come out of the story and not enjoy it as much.

Whilst I loath to say this, I must admit it - sex sells. Readers who enjoy this style of kinky sex stories will not need much character development if there is plenty of dirty filthy porn sex. This is not to say raunchy and crude sex with terrible dialog between characters will gain better reviews. It's to say the more graphic sex paired with humiliation, degradation or taboo will increase the naughty factor and most likely appeal to the taboo reading crowd. With character development, specifically characters which are loved or hated, it will increase a reader's desire to talk about a book and recommend it.

Lastly, if Mr. Anderson keeps his writing voice with lovely gems as below, it will be memorable.

“I had the desire to find you, and now I have the rope to bind you and the implements to mind you.” (pg. 39)

While she was Googling, she saw a picture of a woman kneeling at the feet of a man, well-dressed in a dark suit, captioned with the Oscar Wilde quote, “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”. (pg. 51)

This short anthology is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy the sharp slice of a knife and the sly mischief from a sibling.

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