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Review: Doctoring Lil' Daisy

Doctoring Lil' Daisy (Eden Series Book 3)Doctoring Lil' Daisy by Elsa Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ageplay lovers, Ms. Black is back with a delicious tale of dub-con age regression.  Daisy is a kindhearted and gentle woman who wants to help people.  She's a nurse because of her desire to aid those who suffer.  When she crosses the line by helping an older couple who need medication they cannot afford, Daisy finds herself in worse trouble.  The law isn't interested in her intentions.  They are only focused on her breaking the law.

Daisy finds herself in a bind and doesn't know who to turn to for help.  She decides to give Dr. Grant Fullwood a ring.  She found him attractive when she worked with him years ago.  She never mustered up enough courage to date him.  Still, she feels he may be her own safe harbor.  Little did she know how much Grant wanted to be her protector.

The ageplay kink in this story is arousing, erotic and naughty.  To mix it up with a Daddy dom who is also a doctor, talk about panty wetting goodness.  Both Daisy and Grant are cute characters.  Daisy is easy to like and Grant is easy to admire.  The conflict in this story is two folds.  One is for Daisy to accept her sexual submission whilst being regressed to a child.  This may hit triggers for some people.  It feels so wrong yet feels so good.  Overthinking the morality or complexities of being a little, will end in conflicting emotions.  Just go with the flow.  The second conflict is a bit repetitive in this series.  A jealous helpmate who feels a little can never meet the needs of a dominant is becoming a recurring theme.  I understand it is used as a plot device to bring the Daddy and little girl together, I just wish another method was used instead.

This book still is rated highly because the erotic scenes are spank worthy.  The descriptions of the punishments as well as the rewards are well done.  Showing how the dynamic works and the relationships developed between littles is nicely done.  The scenes where littles get into trouble are always fun and delightful.  Recommended for ageplay lovers who wish their Daddy was also a doctor. 

*Book provided by Blushing Books

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review: The Price Of Secrecy

The Price Of Secrecy (The Weathermen #3)The Price Of Secrecy by Ravenna Tate

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

Hiding from the mob after the world nearly comes to an end makes this new world seem not too different. Angela Davidson possesses the skills Greco Communication is seeking. Thrilled to have an interview with the head honcho, Dominic Greco, she comes out of the interview perplexed. She wants the job but she doesn't want to be involved with her new boss. Dominic comes on strong, wanting her for a sexual playmate. Angela folds a little too easily to Dominic's charm.

For those who thought this series ends at 4 books, fear no more. It appears this will continue on so I'm a bit relieved with the yet again slow pace of the plot development. It feels as if the Weathermen are getting nowhere. Another in this exclusive club of crime fighter is hit by Eros's arrow.

The romance part of this story moved very fast. Dominic is hesitant with relationships because he's been burned and because he's been hiding from his family. This is something he has in common with Angela. They are both trying to keep their past from impacting their future. Still, Angela is swept off her feet and right into Dominic's bed. This is the only story so far where I felt discomfort with the boss and employee relationship. It's not that I'm against it. It's because Angela seemed to be so worried about it that I too felt unease.

The conflict in this story gives a Married to the Mob vibe. For those who enjoy stories where a man comes from a bad family but wants to escape it, this is the story for you. Dominic is admirable if a bit of a control freak. Many of his problems are because he won't communicate effectively with Angela. Although one can't blame him with how he's had issues with previous lovers. Ms. Tate does a nice job of setting up the conflict, creating the tension and then resolving the issue. The resolution is a bit too pat, but it still works. What is frustrating is how little progress is made on the stopping the Madeline Project. A reader may start to wonder if these women are thrown at the men to distract them from ever accomplishing their goals. For the love of God, please have some kind of discovery about the evil organization behind the Madeline Project!

This romance is recommended for those who love an alpha man protecting his woman.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: Obsession By Design

Obsession by Design (The Weathermen Book 2)Obsession by Design by Ravenna Tate

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

Finding a job in post Tommy Twister world is not easy. When Liane finds her dream job working for powerful Emmett Radcliffe, she is over the moon. She starts her job thinking she must be designing only to find out it's her coding skills which Emmett wants most. Or is it? Emmett quickly also expresses his sexual desires for Liane. Will Liane be able to mix business with pleasure? Why not? Life could end tomorrow.

Ms. Tate kicks the sex up a notch in the second book in the Weathermen Series. The sexual tension between Liane and Emmett is spiced up with their mutual enjoyment of kink. For those who enjoy a little bit of kinky bedroom play, this story will work for you. The sex scenes are a nice break between the race to figure out the people behind The Madeline Project. Honestly, I read this series not for the sex but for the storyline.

The plot in this story is moved forward just a tiny bit. With four good friends working together, a reader would expect the plot to move a bit faster. Because, isn't this about halfway through? There are only two books left to determine who is causing these terrible problems Earthside and why.

What I like about this story is how the underground world is built out. Ms. Tate does a decent job of creating a speculative world if humans are to live beneath the surface. The little descriptions of how air flows and simulated light all add to this world and make it come alive. This world is not perfect as crime can still be an issue. This makes life in the story familiar and easy to visualize.

This second book in the series keeps my interest and makes me want to read the next book immediately. Recommended for romance readers who enjoy speculative fiction and rich alpha males.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review: Bash I

Bash, Volume IMust read anti-hero plus greasy monkey princess @CandaceBlevins #bookreview #arc
Bash, Volume I by Candace Blevins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WHERE IS THE REST OF THIS STORY?  *Fist shakes at Candace*  This is a bloody cock teaser of a book. When Ms. Blevins shared the third character featured in the Rolling Thunder series would be Bash, I was confused.

Who wants to read about Bash?  After his completely disgusting stunts in Brain, I wanted to bash Bash's brains in.  Even at the end of Brain, Bash didn't impress me.  I still wanted to kick his ass from here to Timbuktu.  Then the arc comes and it is not one book but THREE books.  Seriously, how much can be written about this asshat?  Apparently, a lot.

We kick off the book 8 years in the past when Bash was a wet behind the ears little prospect.  His introduction to the motorcycle club is a bit rough with Atlanta President, Bud, but it's okay.  He gets to be Bud's daughter - Angelica's bitch boy bodyguard.  His relationship with Angel is quickly reset and they slowly become friends.  Fast forward to current times, Angel is no longer the slightly spoiled sixteen year old.  Master degree in hand and a MIT graduate, she is ready to start her first job.  Angel returns to the South but this time, in Tennessee. 

Bash is an anti-hero and I really enjoyed learning more about him.  His interactions with Angel are funny, erotic and endearing.  This book made me change my mind about Bash.  I'm also getting to know Angel who is another kick ass female.  She shares many traits with Ms. Blevins' other female characters.  I liked her.  I like her independence.  I like her slightly princess attitude.  I like how she can separate her relationship from her "family" of motorcycle men.  What I really liked was her learning about kink and finding out she enjoys it. 

I thought I'd only read 1 chapter then in the wee hours of the morning, I finished the book.  This is a page turner and when it gets to the end, I'm shocked.  Shocked not because of what is going on or that it is a cliff hanger.  Shocked because I can't believe the book is done and I have to wait another month before the second part is available.

The BDSM in this book is very light for Ms. Blevins.  It's a nice little erotic element to help enhance the book.  I wonder where this will go and look forward to seeing Angel's journey into kink.  Will she be more into SM or more into D/s?  Based on her personality and Ms. Blevins' kink preference, I'm thinking SM with a smidgen of D/s due to the wolf tie in.  Speaking of wolf...mmm, nice primal sex.  Wow, when that happened, my jaw dropped and my hand ventured down "south".

This book is appalling short.  I can't wait to read the next.  Whilst I wait, I will be re-reading this again which is why it is a 5 star for me.  Recommended for kinky readers who like an anti-hero falling for a greasy monkey princess.

*I received an advanced copy.  No review requested, I gave one anyway.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Blowjob Basics

I've had a few people ask me about blowjob technique.  I'm not an expert... here's what I've learned over the years. There are a few more tricks too, but these are my basics.


1. Make sure to drink water before hand or have a glass near by. For some reason, the slobbery stuff really feels good on the dick. If my mouth is dry, it just doesn't feel as good for him.

2. If he wants me to deep throat, I'm no Pamela Anderson Lee. (I don't know how she swallows Tommy's long and thick dick. It's amazing. My DH is about average length. But his width is what bothers me because my throat seems narrow too. His circumference is 6.5".) So, in order for me to deep throat, I can't do it on my knees with my head turned down. I mean, please, take a look at the angle, it makes no sense to have the head down and the dick trying to go up into the mouth and then do a 90 or greater degree turn to go down the throat.

The best is if your mouth to neck is one smooth line. It also depends on how his dick slants based on his erection. Is it up straight? To the side? Pointing down? As long as you have your mouth to neck in a straight line, you can slip his dick in the same line to go deeper.

3. Using the tongue. Can you ripple your tongue? How much can you wiggle with your tongue? I tend to do a wave like motion with my tongue from tip to back of the tongue so that it presses hard underneath the head of his dick. That extra touch helps arouse him.

4. It's a blow job for a reason. No hands for the most part. However, to start out, you can cheat by using you hand to help stroke the base of his dick to mid way as you get your mouth around the head to the middle. This works well if you also stroke with a twist. The up down motion on a dick is boring. A little twist makes it more exciting. Note - every guy likes it different.

5. Vary the pace. Slow and steady is good. However, changing up the pace is good otherwise his dick goes numb and it will feel good, but won't push him over the edge.

6. Mind the stepchildren. Cup his balls and caress them. Sometimes, guys like them sucked an licked.

7. Change up the sucking to nibbling and licking the dick. It's not just an in/out action.

8. Humming. So, if the head of the dick is in the throat or the back of the throat, try to hum a little. Some guys really get off on that. It's a different vibration sensation.

9. Make noise. Apparently guys like it when you make some noise. Nothing too fake, but if they think you are enjoying, it will help get them in the mindset.

10. The taste - Basically, I let the cum shoot to the back of my throat and just swallow. I have no issues with swallowing so it helps. Sometimes, though, he wants it cupped on the tongue for him to see. I try not to let the tip of tongue touch it because of my taste preferences. This is kind of sexy I guess. But just don't let it touch the sides of your tongue. It won't be as bad. At least for my guy, the taste is more sweet acidic and I prefer salty.

So depending on how his cum tastes and the flavour you like or dislike, that's the diagram of where to avoid it on your tongue.

Now, if the guy drinks a lot of coffee, it does taste kind of bitter. Beer is the same. I've been told pineapple juice to help sweeten the flavour, but whatever. Just swallow fast or spit.

11. Your jaw gets tired? Sometimes guys like to be edge for 45 minutes for a good blow job. Mine held off for an hour and a half at least a couple times of the year. So your jaw gets kind of sore. Best recommendation - chew gum. The gum chewing strengthens your jaw muscles so you aren't as fatigued.

Now, these are just things I've picked up over the years and tried. Each man is different in his preference. Try them out and notice how he responds.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: Return

ReturnReturn by Alexis Alvarez

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Writing about real life people into a novel is usually not recommended.  Apparently Ava Grimaldi missed this day in Writers 101 class.  At least she didn't use a person's likeness, make them evil and then kill them off terribly.  There are authors who do that to real life family members (Brian Vaughan).  Ava makes a worse mistake.  She takes a man she sexual fantasizes about and has him starring in a romance novel.  Not just any romance, but kinky BDSM erotica which it seems, he does do in real life.  What is the first rule of Fight Club?  There is NO FIGHT CLUB!  What is it with people outing others in the BDSM lifestyle?

Granted, Ava did not know Damian Perez, gym owner stud muffin comes with whips and chains.  Still, writing a real life person with all their characteristics without their knowledge into a BDSM novel just spells trouble.  As the readers can predict, Damian finds out about her book.  Regrettably, it is from his religious family members.  Oh boy.  Talk about a relationship killer.  Ava's hope to start dating Damian derails before they can even hop aboard the dating train.  This sets up for a delicious revenge scenario.

The BDSM in this book is HAWT!  It's kinky without all the fancy accoutrements.  Damian basically punishes Ava with meaningless sex and a taste of D/s.  From a BDSM scene perspective, these are all easy scenario to replicate and can be a lot of fun.  From a BDSM relationship between a Dominant and a submissive for a healthy relationship, it's completely a cluster.  Ms. Alvarez does a nice job of showing how unhealthy a relationship can become due to lack of trust.  She also gives a good perspective between those in the lifestyle and those looking in from the outside.  Neither are wrong, it's all in the perspective and how one feels about it.  When it comes down to it, the minute Ava's heart becomes mixed up in Damian's revenge fuck, heartbreak is imminent. 

Readers will hurt for Ava yet understand Damian's desire for Ava to suffer.  However, when it becomes more personal by having it shared outside the two of them, this humiliation is neither fun nor sexy.  It's degrading and one feels bad for Ava.  This situation is difficult to witness because it is realistic and can easily happen in real life.  Sides are chosen and no one wins because two people "making two wrongs" cannot make a "right".  The conflict and resolution are well done.  Readers may want drop kick Damian or bitch slap some sense into Ava.  Whilst readers may curse at Damian or feel that Ava deserved it, the end result is the same - readers are moved and they feel something.  This makes the book more engaging and memorable.  This kinky book is recommended to readers who enjoy revenge scenarios which turn into second chances.

*provided by BDSM Book Reviews

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: Submission

Submission (Submit for Redemption, #1)for dark erotic readers who enjoy non-con, torture and taboo situations @KSparrowAuthor #BDSM #Bookreview
Submission by Kathryn Sparrow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Consensual non-consent is becoming more and more popular in BDSM dark tales. In SUBMISSION, Army Ranger Captain Everett is a lost soul who seeks redemption through physical punishment. Unfortunately for him, the combination of his masochistic tendencies and rock hard body attract the wrong kind of attention. Searching for a way to satiate his need for self-flagellation, Everett ends up in a seedy BDSM leather club. Unbeknownst to Everett, Phineas Bainbridge already scoped out Everett and wants to turn him into his pet gimp. Perhaps even sell the naïve heterosexual Everett as a sex slave.

For those seeking for a sweet m/m kinky BDSM romance, this is not the book for you. For those who enjoy consensual rape and enjoy it one step further to non-con straight up, this is the book for you. This book is filled with conspiracies, rich men with god-complexes and sexual deviance. It's a dark gritty book which at times pulls in multiple directions. Is it a book about a man looking for redemption? Or is it a spoiled powerful playboy getting his rocks off sexually torturing heterosexual men? Or is it a crime thriller?

From a plot and story building perspective, this book is murky and hard to read. It's jarring at times with sudden change in scenes. It's disjointed when transitioning between Phineas's developing relationship with Everett, and Phineas's business. The characters are a bit shallow. There isn't anyone in here who is admirable or likeable. Even Everett is a bit troublesome when it comes to liking him. He isn't the golden all-American hero. He comes across more like a whipped puppy desperately looking for a loving master to hold his leash. His childhood experiences with his father and brother only make him come across more pathetic. He isn't a survivor; he's a victim just trying to get through life.

The BDSM in this book is dark, nasty and guiltily arousing. Forcing a heterosexual man into accepting m/m sex is a theme which is thoroughly enjoyable for me. The turmoil a man goes through when taking a dick up the ass or begging to suck a cock when he prefers women just flat out arouses me. The rope bondage and the beatings are heavily in the SM fantasy side. The interrogation scenes and the defilement of a young boy are all non-con and not to be repeated in real life, even if it does happen in the real human trafficking world.

From a spank bank view, this book definitely does it. The sex scenes are well described and filled with debauchery. Even the sadistic tortures are done just right for a non-con masturbation session. None of this is kinky romance. Most of it is sick twisted fantasies of a sexual sociopath, which makes it that much more wrongfully erotic. What may be disturbing for some is that this story does try to be a romance between Phineas and Everett. It may be a train wreck to witness but it will be a thrilling ride as Everett's ass is ridden hard.

This book is recommended for dark erotic readers who enjoy non-con, torture and taboo situations.

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