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Review: Mastered: 10 Tales of Sensual Surrender

Mastered:  10 Tales of Sensual Surrender
Mastered: 10 Tales of Sensual Surrender by Opal Carew

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dominant males who seduce a woman into submission is my kind of man. When the male possesses quiet authority, it's even more attractive. In this anthology, a submissively inclined reader is treated to one after another sensual male in panty wetting goodness. The book kicks off with Scientific Method by Joey W. Hill. This is my favourite story in the book.

Debra is a perfect servant. She is smart and the best partner for Brian. She gave up a lucrative life to become Brian's possession. Unfortunately, the relations between a vampire and their servant should not be more than owner and pet. Anything more loving will give the vampire council cause to destroy the servant. This is the law for centuries. When Debra and Brian discover the missing element to create more born vampires, it rocks the vampire world. Yet nothing changes for Debra. Brian still treats her as a thing and the last time she expressed her devotion, he crushed her painfully both emotionally and physically.

This story is so well written, my heart physically hurt for Debra. Her desolation is understandable. She is a candidate for death by heartbreak. Ms. Hill does a marvelous job in the creation of both Debra and Brian. Debra is the one who captures a reader's sympathies. The damage she suffers through willful neglect is inhumane. Suicide is a distinct possibility and I see her point of view and wouldn't begrudge her for ending her heartbreak.

"She almost heard her heart crack. She would have done the unthinkable, scrambled away, run back to her room and close the door, but he tightened his arm around her. He wasn’t done with her. I’ll never be done with you. She might die from the pain of that. She was starting to understand all too well why some servants took their lives. (loc. 1332-1334)"

This story is a beautiful in how it describes Debra's pain. Fortunately, the story ends in a beautiful happy ending. Five Stars for this book and this story alone makes this book worth buying.

Three Secrets by Ms. Carew is okay. This story unfortunately swings the other way for me and I didn't enjoy it at all. One star for me. I nearly put the book down and didn't continue.

His Secret by Ms. Da Costa does not bring any further encouragement to continue the book. It starts out well and fizzes out. Two star for me.

Bondage on 34th Street by Ms. Ryan-Davis & Ms. Leeland is hawt! Oh my goodness is the ménage so good. The sex is delicious and the triad of Noah, Tasha and Ty makes me want to read more. This story leaves a reader yearning for more delicious mastery by Noah. There does seem to be a book for later this fall for more of Noah, Tasha and Ty's marvelous ménage. Four star short story for me. Fall won't come earlier enough.

Remastered by Ms. Ellis is just okay for me. Ms. Ellis's writing never works for me. I've tried several times and this one with rock atars still doesn't do anything for me. What I do like is the warning Ms. Ellis places against those who steal. "Violators will be forced to re-enact that book with my neighbour’s dog, while wearing a corset made of living bees. Twice."(loc. 4970-4971) This is awesome and kind of saves the story for me which is why I rated a two star instead of one.

Working Out by Ms. Harte is erotically hawt. The characters - Mac and Maggie are just okay. She's written better and more endearing characters. Maggie and Mac are a bit forgettable yet their sex is good. A reader can always depend upon Ms. Harte for good sex scenes and funny dialog.

“The Mac I know has no problem serial dating. What was it you said to me not so long ago? To indulge in the holy trinity and forget my problems? Tits, ass and an orgasm. There you go, buddy. You have two more-than-willing candidates still making eyes at you.”(loc. 5653-5655)

This is the first I've seen a holy trinity described in this manner. I like it! Three stars for this story.

Juicy by T.J. Michaels is also not my style. Solie is a bit of an annoying twit. This story is best for those who enjoy friends to lovers. The BDSM is good. The characters are not to my taste. Solie is frustrating and not the kind of female I enjoy. This is a two star for me.

No Limits by Ms. Pearce is out of this world smoking hawt. The club, the gang banging, all of it is amazing. Ms. Pearce is a new to me author who knows how to crank up the heat. Her descriptions are crystal clear for a reader to visualize. After reading this story, I immediately search for more stories in this world. It appears this is the only one. A reader can only hope Ms. Pearce will create more in this world and bring more fantasies to life. This is an author to watch. Four stars for this story.

Ink Reunited by Ms. Ryan pens a sweet lovers reunited story. It's tightly written. It's a sweet romance between three best friends broken apart and then coming together a decade later. There is so much more which can be fleshed out in this story. Ms. Ryan does a nice job of hooking the reader, making them wanting more from her. For those who love the bad boys grown into alpha men, this story is for you. Sassy is a female worth fighting for and she's tough with a heart of gold. Three stars for this story.

This anthology finishes off with Unfettered by Ms. White. Why haven't I read her before? Her BDSM scenes are good and she does something which I haven't seen in a while. She turns negotiation into foreplay. This is an excellent example. Her story is a three star for enjoyment. From a BDSM perspective it is four star material. Either she's in the lifestyle or she is amazing with research. For those who wonder about how to first start off with a play partner, here is a fabulous demonstration of how it can be erotic.

“I don’t like to be spanked, so the bench is out,” Ronnie told him. “What about the Cross? I’ve never been on one, but have always wanted to try it.”

“So spanking’s a hard limit?” Conner asked. “What else?”

He [Ian] listened for another minute, then interrupted. “Not bad, guys,” he said, stepping forward to stand next to them. “You’re communicating clearly, which is good. But negotiating doesn’t have to feel like a job interview, or worse yet, like a shopping list of do’s and don’ts.”

Conner grimaced and Ronnie chuckled. They looked at each other, neither offended or upset by the critique, and both open to what he [Ian] was saying. Perfect. He [Ian] let out a short whistle and everyone in the closed club turned to him. The shopping list was something lot of the newbies did, and every class needed a demonstration. Looked like he was going to do it for this class.

“We gave you guys a list of things that should be covered in an initial talk, but that doesn’t mean you have to check them off like a to-do list,” he said to the group. “Negotiating can be as erotic as any sexual play when done right.” He turned to Ronnie. “May I take your hand and lead you to the stage?”

She nodded, wide-eyed.

“Don’t think of your negotiations as something that has to be done before you get to play, think of it as part of the play. Use all your senses to gain, and give information. Watch, and listen.” When they got to the stage he turned to face Ronnie and smiled, but didn’t let go of her hand. (loc. 12886-12898)

Read the story to find out how to erotize negotiation!

Ms. White states in story in a way that isn't a lecture and hit home for me. This captures how I feel about D/s.

"Dominance isn’t something that can be faked, and I was tired of meeting men who considered it a game. Men who played at it. I want a real man, one who knows that true dominance is mental before it ever comes close to being physical. That my submission can not be demanded, it has to be earned, and when I give it, I give everything.” (loc. 13050-13052)"

Overall, this anthology is great. There are some really good stories and others which didn't appeal for me. The ones which I really enjoyed is what made me decide to rate the book a four star. Recommended for kinky readers who want a taste of ten very different BDSM writers.

*provided by NetGalley

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      Mastered:  10 Tales of Sensual Surrender



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Review: Sex Boot Camp

Sex Boot Camp
Sex Boot Camp by Paisley Brown

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Romance Review Second Review

A free get out of jail card to have sex with other people whilst in a committed relationship is something some people want. To have a few days off spending it in an orgy like environment is even better! This is, unless your boyfriend springs it on you out of the blue and you have no interest in an open relationship.

Cara just wants a few days off to rest and relax. She wants some quality time with her boyfriend. Instead, he drags her to a remote camp where he's separated from her. The camp is to educate her on how to be a better lover.

The premise of this story is hawt. The camp itself is interesting and sounds like a blast. The sexual training in this story is also decent. What makes this a difficult read is the loathsome characters. Cara's boyfriend, Braeden, is an asshat. This is clear from the beginning of the story to the end. That's okay since it's clear he's the one the readers are supposed to hate. Cara is pathetic and whines too much. So her boyfriend wants to cheat on her--better to know now than later. Her attitude and how she treats others in this story is juvenile and petty. She's a brat and really needs to be spanked. It's understandable she's hurt and mad. Apparently her lack in age excuses her to be mean when others are only trying to make her feel more welcome. This is what killed the story for me.

The twist at the end came out of nowhere. This character which was previously never introduced just magically showing up is abrupt. Being never fond of deus ex machina, this ending feels forced to me.

My recommendation is to have a little more set up with this character at the beginning. Or even in the middle, have Cara flashback to a scene with the new character. Another suggestion is to write the story in third person. When the female lead is immature and bratty, having it in first person will cause a reader to subconsciously try to associate their own character with the female lead. This generally tends not to work well and causes a reader not to enjoy the book as much. This is because many female readers don't have the same tendencies to be quite so annoying. And if they did, they don't want to be reminded how they could be coming across to others. When the female lead is written in third person, it feels more disassociated.

Overall, the concept of this story is good. The sex is good. The characters were a bit rough.

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Review: Accursed

Accursed by Belladonna Bordeaux

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A fairy tale retold in a paranormal romance setting can be so good. When it's a beloved Beauty and the Beast retelling, I'm looking forward to reading it. Full disclosure, I've not read the first three books, but I believe this book can be read as a standalone.

Alexandra Common is a pure blooded royal strigoi who knows the days are numbered for the strigoi because of their self-proclaimed king. Whilst she possesses more royal blood than any of the other ruling strigoi, she is under their thumb, constantly degraded and bullied.

The characters in this story are annoying. Even Alexandra is unappealing in her melodramatic decisions. Her friend, Cornelia, is a fluffy airhead who undergoes a personality change half way through the book. It's passed off as a cover so the evil villains don't attack Cornelia. It's not believable. The villainous characters are vile with absolutely no redeeming qualities. On top of it, they are stupid. They play off as being so smart but it's a joke. Ms. Bordeaux does do this on purpose so it's not that it's wrong. What it does is create flat one-dimensional characters. All of the characters save The Beast are boring and tedious. It makes for a difficult read because the entire time, I'm hoping the lot of them are killed off.

There is a lot going on in the story. It's not so much as plot within in a plot for added layers of complexity. Instead, it's a bunch of ideas thrown together which don't blend well together. Individually, the concepts are fine. Throwing it in haphazardly to explain a situation comes across as messy to the reader. For example, there is a curse to break, a pact with Satan, three different males trying to wed Alexandra and unresolved killing of Alexandra's father and brother. These are all explained away with a sudden reveal of Alexandra's lack of wielding powers. Sometimes, it feels as if a thought is half-finished and we flit to another topic. The transitions are jarring between scenes, which makes for a bumpy read.

Overall, it's an okay read. It would be better if the teenage young adult drama lama is removed. Taking away the forced Scottish dialogue would help too. To compare this to a recipe, the ingredients are all there. The way the story is cooked, the ingredients are competing against each other instead of blending into a cohesive dish balancing all the flavours.

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Review: Renegade (Dragon's Watch)

Renegade (Dragon's Watch)
Renegade (Dragon's Watch) by Shelby Morgen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Dragon lovers who love the underdog fighting for humanity may want to pick this book up. In RENEGADE, Esterion is the love child of two powerful dragons. Her mother fights for humanity. Her father sides with the old school dragons who believe they need to step back and be observers. When the world is lost, then the dragons will leave earth.

Full disclosure, I did not read the first book in this series. This could explain a few of the disconnects for me in this book. The world building is light. This is set in a future after a terrible war which left the surviving humans in small encampments. There is a constant battle against the Kobold. These nasty mutant creatures are trying to eat or destroy human and dragons alike. It's not clear how these creatures are created or where they originate. The origins of the dragons as well as how the world fell apart is also unclear. For those who are used to fantasy stories, this one will be easy to follow because the missing pieces can be supplemented from various other fantasy books involving dragons and orcs.

The main conflict of this story is Esterion's mate coming to find her only to discover that Esterion doesn't know anything about dragons or magic. The claiming is lickety-split fast. The sex is nicely done in nonhuman form and the two soul mates even figure out there is more doom and gloom to come. Basically, Mother Earth is dying and the outlook is dire. Still, the noble dragons who want to help save this planet will be rebels, hence the renegades.

This story moves fast and it is short. It's a quick piece with a little plot development, some character building and virtually no world building.

From a writing style, it's fine. It reads smoothly, if a bit rushed. For those looking for a complex world with intrigue and betrayed love, this is not the book for you. For those who enjoy some dragon loving and soul mate pairing, this is the book for you. This book is for dragon lovers who enjoy shifted sex.

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Review: Big Flight

Big Flight
Big Flight by Zenina Masters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Snobbery of physical attributes is alive and well. Molly is the oldest daughter with a throwback shifter shape. Even though her shifter shape is a king vulture and is rare, it causes her parents embarrassment and they hide her like a dirty secret.

Ms. Masters creates another wonderful pair of characters in Molly and Damon. The two of them are sweetly matching in their animal counterparts. Molly is the one who does it for me in this story. She's a survivor who will create her own life sans the baggage of her family. What is shocking is how Molly is treated. Her parents treat her heinously. Molly takes it all with quiet grace and walks away. Yet this isn't enough. They continue to lie about Molly and try to force her to live a miserable, isolated life. Seriously, it's a shock her parents haven't hired someone to kill her. Or better yet, sell her to the elves who want to keep shifters as their personal sex toy animal.

The chemistry between Molly and Damon is fun and delightful. Although they may have met under less than ideal circumstances, it all worked out beautifully. Damon is a wonderful man and he shows how much he cares about Molly in all the right ways. The ending of this story is a delight because it feels justified.

Ms. Masters continuously writes sweet romances surrounding this great matchmaking haven. Can't wait for the next book. Recommended to paranormal lovers who enjoy watching petty people receive their comeuppance.

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Review: Implied Consent

Implied Consent
Implied Consent by Vedrana Nicolaus

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This story blurb sounded very familiar. It is one I keep in my spank bank which can be found here on Don't ask how I found this site. And don't ask how often I visit it and read stories. Let's just say there is a direct relationship of how much I read from this site when my work is rife with unreasonable client demands and long hours.

This story is about a Brendon who is happily married. When he's diagnosed with testicular cancer, his world is flipped upside down. The story from a sissification body-modification is a spank bank. It is a more polished version of the free story written by Johnthewimp. Still, it is lacking. The characters aren't developed much. For this kind of story, that's fine. I don't need world building or character development. What I do want is more spank worthy material. I can state the plot is a bit better with the mother-in-law involvement and a couple of twists not in the free story.

From a free story standpoint on eunuchworld, it's a depraved little short story. For a paid story, I'd expect more. I want more scenes of humiliation and sissification training. Definitely more pegging and why stop there? Full training as a cuckold would be nice. The addition of a servicing the m-i-l in this story is a nice touch and I enjoyed it. If there was more scenes of sexual servitude mixed this would help. How about a tea party his m-i-l hosts with Brendon as a sissy maid? Videos? Fisting? Sounding? Being fucked as a woman? Although really, my ideas are a bit stale. I guess what I'm saying here is that the story is spank worthy just a bit worn in material. Recommended for those who enjoy castration sissification porn. Get your sex toy out and rub one out while reading this one.

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Review: The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter
The Miller's Daughter by Jessica Jordan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Fairy tales retold with an erotic twist is bedtime story for adults. In Ms. Jordan's THE MILLER'S DAUGHTER, it's a new look at Rumpelstiltskin.

Elena is the beautiful daughter of the miller who must spin straw into gold. In this story, both the king and the miller are capricious bastards. The magical being helping Elena spin the gold or else face the dire consequences is not as he appears. He holds an agenda which is not readily apparent to Elena. All Elena knows is she'd rather be with the magical being than with the greedy king.

The erotic tone to this story is well done. The story building stays well in line with the original fairy tale. The creative interpretative license applied is decent. The characters are also well done. Elena is a much harassed daughter. With her wastrel and boastful father, it's surprising she is still independent instead of sold to the highest bidder. Rumpelstiltskin is a savior who does have his own agenda. It is possible his agenda is in direct conflict with Elena's, especially if it means he wants her first born.

This reinterpretation could have gone two different ways. It could go dark with Elena enslaved with perhaps a theme of BDSM breeding and lactation theme. Or it could go light with Elena finding her true prince and keeping her baby, too. This novella is a charming romance with a happily ever after ending. Ms. Jordan does throw a little curve to create this sweet ending. Recommended for erotic readers who love fairy tales.

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      The Miller's Daughter (A Twisted Erotic Fairy Tale)