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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review: War-Torn: Epic Steampunk Fantasy for Adults

War-Torn: Epic Steampunk Fantasy for Adults for fantasy lovers who enjoy multiple threads going on at the same time @jekeep @jmkeep #bookreview
War-Torn: Epic Steampunk Fantasy for Adults by J.E. Keep
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where is the steampunk aspect to this story? Is this part of a larger series? Where is the rest of this story? War Torn is a dark look into a world ravaged by war. It seems the only ones untouched by the desolation are the greedy nobility who hide in their city, protected by guards and frivolously spend their money on parties. This story takes on several different views which can be disorienting. The concepts and the characters are all intriguing. I feel as though there are five books sliced and then combined into one tale.

First we come across the soldiers on the front. This is a terrible place where humans and elves fight the "others". Not sure who these "others" are and why the war is still going on, a Sergeant and a fresh recruit cross paths. This is a place where there is no humanity. Males on both sides rape women regardless of which side the women reside. The fresh recruit is a female medic who is preyed upon by her own soldiers. I wished these males who violated her are hurt and end up under her care. This part of the book is filled with broken dreams.

The elite group of soldiers hunt for deserter and enemies of the crown. This pair is another couple where the Lieutenant is a sadistic bastard. He gets off on torture of prisoners whilst his female half breed elf subordinate is horrified yet aroused. This couple is interesting as they remind me of the movie, Inglorious Bastards. The sex in here is rough and dominating.

The nobles is the most disgusting set in the five and not because of the taboo sex. This is where one can see how loathsome these over privileged aristocrats isolate themselves from the common people. Instead of being stewards of the land and protecting their people, they are the abusive wastrels, squeezing the last drops of blood from everyone they consider beneath them. This part of the world is filled with intrigue and power struggles. The sex in here is taboo. The incestuous affair between father and daughter is disturbingly erotic.

The rebels are a faction who wish to overthrow the monarchy. There is little shared other than their loose alliance with the outcasts. The outcasts is run by one of the most desired elven harlots. This story just gets weirder and weirder. This set loosely ties in with the nobles and are hunted by the elite group of soldiers. There is more to this story and none of it is revealed.

The final set of characters in this story falls under The Matron. Now this is the story I want to read. A pair of Kron males with a white female elven witch, what more can I ask for? In their story, there is betrayal, a lost tribe found and totally smoking hawt sex. Did I mention the sex? It is erotic between these three. It isn't just because their pairing is taboo in this world, it is because their ménage is raw lust come to life. Love it. I also very much like The Matron. She is sex on a stick and intelligent.

The five different groups cross paths near the end and then the story is over. I rip my hair out trying to figure out what just happened. This lengthy book is all world building and set up. What happens next? Inquiring minds want to know. What started this war and who is really pulling all the strings? I expect a follow up book to this one and I would like to see more steampunk incorporated into the tale. So far, I only feel an epic fantasy with little understand of why this war started and who exactly are the enemy sides. Recommended for fantasy lovers who enjoy multiple threads going on at the same time.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Tears of a Vampire

Tears of a Vampire Domestic discipline lovers who enjoy vampires #bookreview @blushingbooks
Tears of a Vampire by Carolyn Faulkner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Domestic discipline lovers who enjoy vampires, this is the book for you. For those who loved the movie, "Age of Innocence", Tears of a Vampire may conjure up images of Gary Oldman as Vlad and Wynonna Rider as Elizabeth Dubois. In this paranormal romance, Vlad is a reformed vampire. His sadistic blood thirsty fighting is a thing of the past in spite of his warrior heart. In this time of peace and civility, he wants to enjoy life with a much loved wife. The wife he has chosen is an old friend's daughter, Elizabeth.

This story is typical of the historical domestic discipline genre. The husband is older and wiser. The wife is young and childish. The female always seems a bit foolish with her temper tantrums and emotional outbursts. Many times they are a bit of a shrew. Elizabeth fits this model quite well. She is a bit better than the stereotype because she is not shallow. She does love animals and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She does need quite a bit of correction because she is unruly and irrational at times. It is surprising she can ever sit as she requires daily corrections on her bottom. In addition, she really needs maintenance spankings to keep her in line.

The kinky spankings and corner time are quite light and mild compared to the usual Ms. Faulkner dark erotica style. There is little SM and no D/s. The interaction is more Daddy dom with bratty sub which is interesting. The story moves rather slow through the courting phase. When the conflict arises the resolution seems to come too quickly and then the story is over. Still, this is a lovely well written piece. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy historical domestic discipline themes with a paranormal twist.

*ARC provided by Blushing Books

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: Drive

Drive Thought-provoking, moving and bloody heart breaking  #bookreview @TeresNoeRoberts
Drive by Teresa Noelle Roberts
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Thought-provoking, moving and bloody heart breaking - Ms. Roberts twists me all up inside again.  Drive is the first book in this series. I am very excited because the first in this series captures my attention and keeps me flipping page after page to a stunning conclusion. When I see books with her name on it, I must read the book. The characters, plot and the delicious sex all did it for me. I loved this book.

Suzanne Mayhew is a bitter widow. The last few years of her marriage have been filled with neglect. The man she fell in love with spent less and less time with her. Late nights and secretive behaviour all point to an affair. Disillusioned, Suzanne started filing for a divorce only to have her husband die on her. Yet another way how he shows his inconsideration. Suzanne is also angry because she feels guilty for not feeling sad and that only frustrates her more. One should not speak ill of the dead but why is it that when someone is dead, it is as if all their faults are magically erased? Trying to get back into the swing of things, Suzanne's BFF, Janice, lures her out. Janice's solution is for Suzanne to re-explore her kinky side. Suzanne is tentative about this suggestion. Instead, she thinks getting rid of her late husband's very obvious mistresses is a better idea. She is going to sell his blasted cars he babied and didn't share with her.

The sexy restored mustang is the first on Suzanne's hit list. It captures the attention of Boston PD, Neil Callahan. Ooh boy, cop boy toy who is a dominant. Yum! Neil is younger than Suzanne by fifteen years. He comes across as mature and sexy. The story alternates between the Suzanne and Neil. Both characters are so realistic. I could easily visualize them. They felt real with their feelings and actions. Ms. Roberts excels at creating characters who come alive. Suzanne's conflicted feelings about her late husband as more information is revealed is so well done. It turns a bitter angry woman into a sad and remorseful widow. This is so delicately done that I am left speechless and hurting in sympathy for Suzanne. There is one scene with a note left on a phone for Suzanne which makes me tear up. Whilst this may help Suzanne understand and possibly move on, it does not bode well for Neil. This relationship conflict is complicated.

The suspense part of this book adds an intensity to the book. It keeps the pace moving and exciting. The blending of the suspense, romance and kink is so good. The weaving in and out between the different threads makes a strong story with a beautiful finish at the end. The suspense is detailed just enough to keep mystery/thriller lovers happy and romance lovers from glazing over it. What is impressive is the kinky scenes. These are masterfully done to offset the somber tone. This book isn't focused on the kink. Kink is a natural part to help bring this book to an arousing erotic level. Ms. Roberts is one of the few authors I can easily name as a writer who does not use BDSM as a plot device. Her BDSM is as natural as breathing. This is what I love about her writing. She makes kink come across as just another facet of a character's personality. It is not an add on or something that has to be kept as a dark secret.

Showing Suzanne's sub drop and her sub space is well done. It captures how it can happen in real life. Exposing Neil's anxiety over causing Suzanne harm is a nice touch. Most authors do not show how the dominant feels when a scene ends in a sobbing mess. As Neil states, there are cathartic releasing weeping and then there are heart breaking sobs. When it is the latter, any worthwhile dominant or top is going to be concerned and respond in a similar manner. I like how the BDSM in this story isn't perfect or through a rosy coloured view. This is not to say the BDSM scenes are all ones gone wrong. Some of them are an erotic feast. Ms. Roberts shows the highs and lows which adds another layer of realism to this story.

I loved this book from beginning to end. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I know it will be a treat. Highly recommended to kinky readers who are looking for an intimate maledom erotica without fancy gear or exclusive clubs.

*provided by NetGalley

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: Blue Persuasion

Blue Persuasion
Moving, conflicted and complicated - Blue Persuasion is a must read book #bookreview @BlakelyBennett

Blue Persuasion by Blakely Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moving, conflicted and complicated - Blue Persuasion is a must read book. This review is a long time coming.

When I first read about Judy aka Blue in the earlier books, I'm not too thrilled with her. In a book of her own, I'm not sure how I would like her. When I see from her eyes, I am torn. I feel badly for her and now think poorly of her friends I previously rooted for. This just goes to show you, every story has at least two sides. Seeing Bond from Blue's view is also a different perspective. It once again shows me, just because a person is not right or does not get along with you, does not mean they are a bad person. It just means the fit is not good. Bond is a good friend to Blue. He is a terrible lover, he does mean well for Blue but he still causes problems for her too. So, Bond is still a problem child for me. This story reminds me of Blue Monday from one of my favourite bands, New Order.

How does it feel to treat me like you do
When you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are
I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Tell me, how do I feel
Tell me now, how do I feel

The character development in this book is incredible. Ms. Bennett pulls emotion from me, messy strands at a time. Blue is a person who tries to exercise discretion. She tries to be the friend whom her friends rely on and places people first. Yet she tries to have and hold something that is not really right for her. Her relationship with Bond is just a car accident waiting to happen. The readers know it. Blue knows it. It is nice to see Blue waking up from her rut when she comes into contact with Tate. I like and dislike Tate. Tate is good for Blue in the sense that she can see there is someone else for her. Instead of staying in her isolated world and thinking things will change, Tate is someone who inspires her to want more. And yet, Tate comes with his complications. The way Ms. Bennett builds her flawed characters, it hurts so good. It hurts because my heart breaks as we learn more about why the characters are the way they are. It is so good because it makes me fall for them a bit more. Blue and Tate are well developed complicated characters. The way they action and think represent the culmination of their past experiences.

From an erotic standpoint, Ms. Bennett knows how to crank up the heat. The sexual interludes are hot and heavy. The sexual tension between Blue and Tate is super charged. It is a nice contrast to Blue and Bond's relations. This contrast helps up the intensity. The ending comes all too soon, leaving a reader wanting more. Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy angst and new beginnings.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: Raven's Cry

Raven's Cry Raven's Cry by Breanna Hayse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exquisite addition to The Darkness Series. Raven is a young virgin who fantasizes about the depraved debauchery in the House of Depravity. She wishes she could experience the same erotic pleasures heavily used in the Strictland Academy. Be careful of what you wish for… Raven is sexy, young and innocent. She is also fertile which makes her ideal for Henry and Kendrick Albright. These two brothers offer her a chance to experience deviant pleasures. When presented with a contract, Raven eagerly signs it with her eyes wide shut. One should always read the fine print. Whisked away to Merry Ole England, Raven is wedded and about to be sexually enslaved.

The BDSM fantasy kinks in this story are phenomenal. Ms. Hayse does a fantastic job with all the dark kinky fetishes I enjoy. There is ageplay, enema play, bondage, piercing, D/s and more. The focus on Raven's tight little pucker is delicious. The descriptions of Raven's defiling leading to her cries and begging of mercy is music to my ears. Raven is a bit bratty and it is nice to see Henry and Kendrick put her in her place. This story does warn readers of being dark. I would rate it a medium dark. This is because Henry and Kendrick are actual quite sweet. This is an erotica with more romantic dub-con mood than dark cruel sadistic hopelessness. The happily ever after hints at a possible delicious follow up with more ageplay. Ms. Hayse is my go to ageplay author so I am hungrily awaiting the next book in this series from her sexually creative mind.

The sex in here is graphic which is thrilling. It arouses the reader and makes them either reach for their partner or a search for a toy. The m/f/m formation is well done and I like how Henry and Kendrick balance each other. They are ruthless men who know what they want and they are unapologetic about it. Still, they do possess tender feelings for Raven which is why it makes this story so good. They may want to fulfill all of Raven's dark desire, but only on their terms. Raven definitely bit off more than she can chew if her red bottom is any indicating. Personally, I would have enjoyed a bit more thrashing of Raven's naughty bottom. The anal scenes were my favourite and I loved her humiliations. If Raven appears again in another book featuring ADBL and a strict nanny, that would be delightful. I would not say no to some graphic f/f play either, especially with Raven as the submissive bottom.

There are a couple of threads in this story which seemed to have petered out. It made no sense for Raven's aunt to accompany her to England. There are also statements about what happens to her aunt and uncle. It would be nice to have her witness some of their punishments. Perhaps more to come in following books. This series is one of my favourite dark erotic romances with dub-con themes. Recommended for kinky erotica readers who enjoy dub-con, piercing and anal play.

*ARC provided by Blushing Books

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review: The Don's Daughter

The Don's Daughter
for readers who enjoy a white knight with a sexy accent and a strong spanking hand @ReneeRoseAuthor #bookreview #

The Don's Daughter by Renee Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Spankos, this is the book for you. Sheltered mafia princess, Summer, is in a downward spiral. With the collapse of her dancing dreams and her boyfriend caught cheating on her, Summer's self-confidence is at an all-time low. What does she do? She does what any female would do in this situation … she moonlights as a striper. She thrives on the dancing and objectification. What on Earth? Does Daddy Don know? Yes, this is what I said too when I learned why she did it. This is a nice set up for a wayward girl in need of a keeper and spankings.

Carlo is a favoured underboss to Summer's father. When Carlo finds Summer stripping in a sleazy club, he immediately puts an end to it. Based on Summer's reaction, it seems she is kind of relieved too. This lost little girl routine is no act. With Carlo's discipline hands, Summer quickly learns the errs of her ways.

Carlo is a perfect romantic hero. He is strong, dangerous and with a secretive past. He doles out his sexual punishments with a firm hand and a velvet touch. How can Summer not fall for this sexy Lothario? Between his accent and his honour, any woman would want him. Added in his power and charism, Carlo seems to have it all. He is even reasonable and not a stereotypical Italian chauvinistic pig. And yet, Summer still pines for her ex's attention and behaves in a juvenile manner. Whilst Carlo is the epitome of perfection, Summer is a hot mess. She does come across as a bit of a spoiled brat and not too bright. Some of it has to do with having her parents take care of everything for her. Some of it has to do with her lack in age. She isn't malicious; she just isn't bright. She needs a man to keep her on the right path.

The spanking punishments in this tale are erotic and delightful. This story is more than just a kinky slightly domestic discipline tale. There is a nice plot with betrayal, old world honour and a happily ever after. Ms. Renee captures the reader's attention with her smooth writing voice. The story flows at the right pace with lingering sexy scenes and fast action shootouts. This is a nice blend of sex and suspense. This kink romance is recommended for readers who enjoy a white knight with a sexy accent and a strong spanking hand.

* Provided by Manic Readers

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Grave Expectations

Grave Expectations Grave Expectations by Lina Gardiner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What just happened here? Did all the characters including me experience amnesia? The last book left off with Britt exhibiting an awesome yet deadly power. In addition, three vampires are saved and turned back into humans. Figuring the story would start where the last one left off, the expectation is for Jess finding her missing brother, Regent. Nope. Instead, Jess is depressed and moping in bed because Britt is not coming home and spending the nights with her. Britt is wandering the city and avoiding Jess. Britt is experiencing guilt as well as frustration. He feels guilty for returning back from the dead and not recognizing Jess. He is also frustrated because he is missing a lot of his memories of how he came back to life.

Here is my issue with the book. Zeke plays a big part of the last book. In addition, there is quite a bit revealed about Zeke and how he played a part in the vampire world. I am definitely expecting to have Zeke feature back in this story. What I am not expecting is for Jess to behave in ways as if she never spoke to Zeke. It is as if both Jess and Britt have forgotten this mysterious saviour. The first three books were tightly written stories with events building upon each other to bring a bigger picture into clarity. This book is a hodgepodge of plots and subplots shoved together. The smooth cohesive writing I am used to from Ms. Gardiner is missing in this book. Zeke does appear again and it is crammed in an awkward way. It feels contrived in order to tie loose ends and conclude the story.

The story is still told in a wonderful manner. The actions and descriptions of locations are all well done. The main characters including the secondary supporting ones are nicely done. I love Jane the mousy vampire. She helps to show a different and softer side to Jess. Malcolm Fisk is an amusing charlatan. He is portrayed as a "big bad" but in actuality, he comes across as a small petty conman. He is not evil. He is just greedy. There really is not a bad villain in this tale, unlike the previous three books. Instead, there are annoying secret church warriors and a psychotic vampire. The antagonists in this story are not well developed and not a challenge for either Jess or Britt. Perhaps this is what makes the book's plot appear fragmented. Still, I enjoyed the fast pace and the conclusion to this series. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who want their happily ever after.

*provided by NetGalley

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