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Review: Backwater Bondage

Backwater Bondage
Backwater Bondage by Reese Gabriel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Looking for depraved degradation with cruel men and sadistic women? Search no more. Mr. Gabriel is an author who creates some of the loveliest dark themed stories. In this book there are two stories: Bondage Town & Tormented Twins.

In Bondage Town, a mother and daughter share a dirty secret which they don't want the other to know. Cynthia "Sin" made one mistake in high school and it has defined her ever since. She left her town in shame and never returned until now. She's a bondage slut without a master. She's so desperate to submit she will take it from anyone. She is easy pickings. One of the worst men for her to fall prey to is Cal Traces. She can't resist his predatory sexual pull. Worse, Cynthia's daughter, Reyna, is corrupted by Cal's son, Jason.

The plot is uncomplicated. The characters are a bit crazy and extreme. The sex in this story is fantastic. Most of it is non-consensual. For those who enjoy humiliation and degradation, this story will satisfy. Some of the scenes Reyna sets up are just like how I fantasized as a teen. To have an author write it out in a black and white is both startling and reassuring. Starling and reassuring because I know I'm not the only one who daydreams about these nasty naughty thoughts and become aroused. Is this safe BDSM? Definitely not. Are these sexual acts to be tried at home? Probably not. From a spank bank material, it is perfect.

Mr. Gabriel continues this delightful debauchery with the more romantic Tormented Twins tale. Is this a romance story? No. It is an erotic story filled with sexual slavery and an emphasis on SM. This story is also about a multi-generational desire for submission. When Ashley's twin sister Andrea shows up, her life is turned upside. Ashley is betrayed and falls down the BDSM rabbit hole. To find out her mother and grandmother were into the kinky lifestyle is too much for her. Her mind breaks a little.

This story is a bit confusing. Why Ashley and Andrea's parents split up didn't make sense to me. Ignore the plot holes; focus on the sexual training. The slight twist is a trance state Ashley enters and becomes her fantasy self, Tia. It's a bit like dropping acid whilst in the middle of a really good bondage session. Innocent Ashley becomes her dreamscape's pirate slave and thrives under heavy impact play. Her reality and fantasy merge until she isn't sure which way is up. It's a bit bizarre as the story also brings forth Ashley's father who is into pony play. Between the sexual tortures and the kinky pony play, there is enough material to easily earn a spot in my spank-bank.

This set of books is for those who enjoy female subjugation with a surprisingly happily ever after. Each female finds her dark knight to rescue her from a boring vanilla life. Recommended for kinky readers who love dark erotica.

*provided by Manic Readers

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      Backwater Bondage



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February, March, April 2014 Recommendations

Upcoming Femdom serial

The Games Destiny Plays (The Last Good Knight, #3) The Games Destiny Plays (The Last Good Knight, #3) and
The Last Good Night (The Last Good Knight, #5) The Last Good Night (The Last Good Knight, #5) by beloved author, Tiffany Reisz pens this new serial comes which comes in five parts. I enjoyed all five parts of Last Good Knight and found to be my favourite ones to be 3 and 5. Soren does make an appearance in this serial. My Review for The Games Destiny Plays and My Review for The Last Good Night - genre-bdsm

Non-con Maledom M/f sexual slavery

Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall (Amelia, #2) Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall (Amelia, #2) by Lindsey Brooks is the second in this set. It's a lovely spank bank of humiliation. The maledom and femdom in here is BDSM fantasy. My Review

Backwater Bondage Backwater Bondage is by Reese Gabriel is another good one for the spank bank. Mr. Gabriel is always good for some degradation and sexual slavery. My Review

M/m Contemporary

The Contract The Contract by Claire Thompson is a delicious GlitterKink book. The BDSM in this is definitely hawt. The resort is one that is pretty amazing and I wish it was real. Then again if it real, I'd not be able to afford it. Plus, it would need to be more than just m/m. My Review

If It Drives (Market Garden, #7) If It Drives (Market Garden, #7) by L.A. Witt is another lovely novel in the Market Garden series. This one is a sexy boss and his subordinate. I liked it because of the way Cal learned BDSM for his lover. It's a sweet story with good character development. My Review

M/f DD Spanking
The Bossman The Bossman by Renee Rose is a domestic discipline one that I really enjoyed. I'm usually not a fan of mafia/mob type stories. This one is not to be missed. My Review

BDSM Discovery
Jaded (Mistress & Master of Restraint, #5) Jaded (Mistress & Master of Restraint, #5) by Erica Chilson is the story of young Regina. The BDSM in here is light. The story itself is what really pulls me in. My Review

Broken Toy Broken Toy by Tymber Dalton in contrast, is of two adults learning about BDSM. It's a Ms. Dalton story so you know the BDSM is going to be accurate and good. My Review

Break Me In (Geek Kink #3) Break Me In (Geek Kink #3) by Sara Brookes is a great Femdom book. It is F/m where the domme is caring. I liked how the male submissive didn't get to use BDSM as his therapy. Great BDSM discovery and realistic. My Review

Seventy Three (Oakham 1) Seventy Three (Oakham 1) by Rebecca Symmons is also a BDSM discovery. It's a GlitterKink club with the private exclusive membership. There are several scenes in this story which aggravated me but most of this BDSM is feasible if not advisable. Ms. Symmons is a new to me author who I'll be watching. She keeps a reader's arouse in constant simmering throughout the book. My Review

Contemporary Ménage
Stuck in Between (Bound by Your Love, #1) Stuck in Between (Bound by Your Love, #1) by Blakely Bennett is a great read. When one thinks, "it's complicated", this is the story for it. This tug of war for the lead female character is realistic and quite angst filled. I loved the characters. My Review

Maledom M/f Body Modification

The Long Weekend The Long Weekend and Claiming Melissa Claiming Melissa are both for those who enjoy the depraved mind of a sexual sadist. H. Dean is the author to read for dark spank bank material. Claiming Melissa Review The Long Weekend Review


Penance (Long Slow Tease, #2) Penance (Long Slow Tease, #2) is a great follow up in the Long Slow Tease series by Ann Mayburn. This one is the one I've been waiting for and it was worth the wait. The alpha male submissive switched for a bit to become the dominant. But how does it work out? Ms. Mayburn does an excellent job of "what if". In addition, the rope suspension bondage scene is fabulous. My Review

Sci-fi/Space Opera

Drift Drift by Lyn Gala is a great following up to her first book in this series. In this one, the D/s is more prevalent and it's Femdom M/f kinkfest. Ms. Gala also writes a good plot with a focus and great character development. My Review

Amorous Overnight (Aliens Overnight, #3) Amorous Overnight (Aliens Overnight, #3) by Robin L. Rotham is the 3rd in this series. After reading this one, I have to read the first too. The ménage in here is hawt and the m/m scenes are even hotter. My Review

LiSA - System Shock LiSA - System Shock by V.W. Singer is a must read for those who enjoy cyberpunk/sci-fi. Mr. Singer is a new to me author. I loved this book. There is definitely more SM in this book than anything else. My Review

Medical Play
Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2) (A BDSM & Medical Play Novella) Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2) (A BDSM & Medical Play Novella) by Tara Crescent is a short novella for those who enjoy medical play. It's not too heavy and not too light. This is the second in the series and the first book does need to be read first. My Review


Do Not Disturb  An Erotica Collection Do Not Disturb: An Erotica Collection by Rachel Kramer Bussel is an anthology filled with great short smexy turn ons. It's a Ms. Kramer Bussel collection so I know it's a sure thing for a good time. My Review

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Review: Sub Rosa

Sub RosaSub Rosa by Mychael Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

Underground cage fighting between a dragon shifter and a vampire. What could be more alluring? In the latest installment of the Clutch Wars series, Mychael Black ups the kink with a bit of blood play and shifter sex. Oh boy, is it smoking hawt!

Mason is a dragon shifter who left his clan because of a rather childish tiff. He's been fighting in a paranormal underground fighting ring to get by. His biggest opponent is also his lover, but Shane is more than just a lover. He's a very old vampire who also happens to dominate Mason.

This series is a quick and arousing read. Ms. Black writes sexy m/m erotica with alpha males beating their chests and declaring dominance. Both characters are easy to understand. I've categorized this as sugarkink because the D/s in here is pretty light. Even though there is a bit of blood play, which is considered edge play, the way it's presented is easily palpable for those who aren't into the kinkier side of BDSM. What really blew my mind is the shifter sex. Oh boy, it's tasty hawt. To mix it with dominance and submission only cranks up the heat in this one.

The plot in this story is light. The world building is also minimal. The characters are near indistinguishable. They could be a werewolf, dragon, demon or vampire. They all talk the same and behave similar. I had to constantly remind myself who was who by their name. This generally denotes weak character building. I'm also going to forget the names of the characters right after I read the book.

Usually this would be a two stars with such forgettable characters, but what makes it for me is the sex. The kinky deviance of it will stay with me for a while. This is why the book is still a three star. This m/m paranormal romance is recommended for kinky readers who love a bit of deviant shifter sex.

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      Sub Rosa



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Review: Bonds of Denial

Bonds of Denial (Wicked Play, #5)Bonds of Denial by Lynda Aicher

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Denying an essential part of oneself is very difficult.  No matter how hard a person suppresses a part of them, it will never go away.  For Rockford, aka Rock, he's been so far in the closet, he's not even able to say it.  When the right man catches his attention, it's the beginning of him opening his locked closet door. Carter is a gay escort who struggles with his chosen job and what he really wants to do.  After years of making money in a stable fashion, change is scary.  When one of his johns catches his attention, it is the catalyst for Carter's change.

This story is heartbreakingly sad.  Ms. Aicher tackles two difficult topics here: sexual preference and the old profession in the world.  She does an excellent job of creating both Rock and Carter to be lovable characters.  The struggles they face in life because of who they are is a depressing statement of our society.  I never understood why people are treated differently because of their sexual preference.  I never understood why being paid for sex is bad either. Why is there more stigma applied to those who service in the sex industry versus those who consume it?  This is also another oddity which puzzles me. 

Carter's photography of neglected buildings is a beautiful allegory of how those who are cast aside from society are treated.  There are many meaningful truism peppered throughout this story.  The one which bonds with me most is the following.

“Each one is a different story of lost opportunity.” (loc. 2375-2376)

While this quote is in reference to the abandoned buildings, it also illustrates how people can also lose their way and become a potential unrealized.  Sometimes, it only takes one moment of kindness or one spark to ignite and help a person find their way.  For Carter and Rock, their chemistry together is that much needed spark.

This story is a coming of age for two men.  They are closing a chapter in their life to start a new one.  A better life filled with hope and a fresh start.  Ms. Aicher does an excellent job of presenting obstacles they face both from external and internal factors.  The external ones could come from family, friends and co-workers.  The internal ones are the self-doubt manifesting in lack of self-worth.  This internal conflict is so well portrayed in both Rock and Carter.  Rock's self-hatred for his desire of men costs him and leaves him isolated and lonely.  Carter's fear of a safety net, ever since his family disowned him, keeps him from realizing his dreams.  Watching the two of these men help each other is breathtakingly beautiful.

I love the message of this story.  While I cannot relate through personal experience, I can certainly empathize.  The ending of this tale is splendidly crafted with an expression of faith, love and belief.  This is an enchanting romantic story with a happily ever after.  The emotions one feels in this story starts with bitter pessimism which slowly yields to a wistful yearning.  The journey ends as Ms. Aicher brings us to hope of a better life.  For a tale taken on the ugly side of sex, there is very little sex involved.  This m/m romance is recommended for those who enjoy poignant self-discovery culminating into reaffirming love.

*provided by NetGalley

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      Bonds of Denial (Wicked Play, #5)



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Review: Tempt Me

Tempts Me (Every Part of You, #1)Tempts Me by Megan Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Simone seduces me at first glance because she is a voyeur.  Watching a handsome man fucking women across his office's desk is a Peeping Tom's fantasy come true.  When the sexually naughty participants are good looking, it's even more exciting.  Seeing it kink up with a light spanking increase the allure.

Ms. Hart is one of my favourite authors.  Her writing is polished and so easy to read.  It's like gliding on silk, luxurious and erotic.  This is the first serial of hers I've read.  I'm hooked.  Mostly it is because of the hint of kinky BDSM which I can't wait to read more. 

Simone lusts after Elliot.  Elliot is a bit of a stick in the mud with some "deviant" desires.  He thinks women won't be able to accept it because he's been cavorting with the wrong ones and totally misreads their body language.  Some people have radars for the kinky.  Elliot is woefully without this handy intuition.  Simone on the other hand seems to be someone who will lure a person into the lifestyle with a curl of her lip and slant of her eyes. 

Ms. Hart does a good job of describing the environment and setting the characters up for the next part in the series.  She's good at leaving a reader yearning for a bit more.  This tantalizing tidbit whets my appetite to read all the installments for Every Part of You. Recommended for erotic readers who enjoy a bit of cat and mouse.

*provided by NetGalley

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      Tempts Me (Every Part of You, #1)



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Review: Lost In You

Lost In You
Lost In You by Sommer Marsden

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A smart savvy female becoming romantically involved with her client generates quite the erotic sparks. Clover Brite is a project manager contractor extraordinaire. From a professional standpoint, she easily manages her day to day tasks and removes all obstacles. The renovation of a large mall complex is a great job to build upon her reputation. When she finally meets the owner of the mall, it's kismet.

Dorian Martin is a reformed playboy. He is rich yet down to earth. He is trapped in the mall during a severe storm with Clover. The chemistry between the two of them is lightning hot. The budding romance is sweet. The characters both started out quite well. Clover is admirable. Dorian is sexy and smooth. As reality returns, Clover is no longer so appealing.

While the sex is decent in this story, the characters become a bit undesirable. This is on purpose to drive the conflict between Clover and Dorian. Clover turns from a mature female into a basket case with daddy issues. Her calm and collected demeanor switching to a whiny drama queen with low self-esteem issues made for a difficult read the last half of the book. The interactions between Clover and Dorian as Clover's insecurities arise are painful to witness. She's a bit psychotic and if I were Dorian, I'd have dropped her and moved on. He doesn't need her brand of crazy.

From a romantic perspective, Ms. Marsden does a lovely job. The grand gestures Dorian performs for Clover are "sweep a girl off her feet" amazing. They are thoughtful if a bit extravagant. Dorian is a sweet guy who also has some daddy issues but he doesn't let it get in his way. I think better of Dorian for this.

The descriptions of the buildings and locations are all vivid and well done. The reader can see each place clearly. Ms. Marsden is very good at showing through actions. This makes for a good read. The story flowed very well in spite of the unhinged female lead. Clover isn't a bad person. She's just a bit too high maintenance for my tastes which is why it is unappealing to me. From a realistic standpoint, Clover is sadly accurate to many real life people. She's probably a bit more balanced than some of the people in the real world. Overall, this story is a sweet romance with a lovely happily ever after. This contemporary romance is recommended to hopeless romantics.

*I received this book as a gift

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      Lost In You



Review: The Domme Who Wasn't

The Domme Who Wasn't (Club Esoteria #14)The Domme Who Wasn't by Cooper McKenzie

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When a person pretends to be a dominant, yet is a submissive, it does become pretty apparent when around those in the lifestyle.  Calliope Smith is a declared card carrying dominant at Club Esoteria.  Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realize it's an open secret that she's masquerading as a Domme.

From a writing style, Ms. MacKenzie writes a smooth flowing story.  There is a decent balance between the BDSM club and the character's work life.  The characters are sweet and adorable.  Calliope aka Callie is an artist who tends to service her bottoms with sex.  Master Roane is a sexy Scottish dominant who wears a kilt.  These are all easy sterotypes to get a reader into the mood.  From a romance perspective, it's sweet with a happily ever after.

From a BDSM perspective, it is written by someone who has either never been in the lifestyle, been to a club or completely lacks understanding of the BDSM lifestyle.  What is presented in these pages is a perfect example of what those outside of the lifestyle "think" happens in the BDSM community.  It's both amusing and cute. 

There are some major flaws which made this story a hard read.  First, how does know Callie know she is a dominant?  Her lack of understanding of basic BDSM dynamics makes the premise of the story so strange.  Second, what club designates members with cards of dominant versus submissive?  What happens to all the switches?  In the real world, it is very very rare I meet a person who is a hundred percent dominant.  Even then, these dominants are old school so they have all done a stint as a bottom.  Third, when a person switches their designation between dominant or submissive, there is a public punishment and requirement to apologize to every member coming through the club?  W.T.F?  Seriously?  This is not a club I'd ever be willing to be a member.  I don't even know what to say about this situation.

Now, are there clubs which only designate dominants and submissives?  Yes.  These are slowly disappearing since it is mostly run by the old guard mentioned earlier.  These clubs are also very exclusive because they watch who they allow into the club.  All new members are generally required to have a sponsor who vouches for them and there is generally a period of probation.  There is no way Callie would have passed in as a dominant.  Between her body language and responses, it would be very apparent she isn't a dominant and would have never received her dominant card.  

The actual BDSM scenes in here are light.  I'm tempted to classify them as SugarKink.  None of it was arousing for me.  It's really just some kinky sex.  It contains all the dressings and terminology of BDSM yet it's missing the essence of BDSM.  This makes the book better for those who are into the fantasy romance rather than the real thing.  There is nothing wrong with this fantasy.  It's just better for those who aren't in the lifestyle to read it because it causes too much non conducive amusement for those in the lifestyle.  This romance is recommended for kinky readers who love happily ever afters.

*provided by BDSM Book Reviews

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      The Domme Who Wasn't (Club Esoteria #14)