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Review: Sweet Possession

Sweet Possession by Maya Banks My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars Finally catching up on this series, I pick up this book from the library.  Since it is still during the pandemic, I have plenty of reading time as I am not going out and about.  it seems for Lyric, she too needs to be careful going out and about.  Her issue isn't a virus.  Her issue is 100% crazy stalker.  Too bad she doesn't know about the stalker.  All she knows about is her agent and record company sticking her with a bodyguard that looks down upon her. I have to admit, this one is probably the saddest one in the series so far.  I keep thinking that Ms. Banks is done with the sob stories and then the next book comes out.  Lyric experienced traumatize as a child.  She never resolved it and now she tries to cope.  Her coping mechanisms suck.  She surrounds herself with mostly leeches who want to ride the Lyric gravy train.  It is disgusting what all these men do to Lyric.  She doesn' tkno

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